Friday, July 24, 2009

Orange for the Boyfriend

I thought I could kill two birds with one stone today, and show you the new orangeness in my wardrobe (indeed, other than my Havaiianas this would be the only orangeness my closet holds) AND at the same time show you how a woman of a certain, ahem, maturity, wears boyfriend jeans. As you know, the latter has been a matter of some discussion -- is this sartorial choice at all appropriate for us not-quite-golden-agers or is it an unpardonable offence, right up there with blowing big pink gum bubbles in public?
I was smitten by this look in Paris this year -- its ubiquity there suggested it would soon dominate our streets, and I wanted to try it. First, I experimented with some of Pater's slightly worn, straight-leg Levis, originally a dark wash but beginning to fade nicely -- he wears a 32 waist so with a belt these could work -- he still doesn't know how close he came to losing his jeans. But while they weren't bad, there was a bit too much baggy and not enough shape for any flattery.
Next, I went to the Levis store and tried on a slightly smaller size in a woman's similar style, but again, the jeans missed the mark -- too bad, 'cause they would have given me the look for about 75 dollars. Not what I ended up paying for my Current/Elliott bought, a few blocks down, at Aritzia's summer sale. No, these babies, even on sale, were still over $200, but I think they were worth every cent.
I admit the backview threw me off a bit at first. My daughter, Megan (Girlcook, my occasional commenter) started laughing when I came out of the dressing room 'cause she saw the back pockets first -- not quite the response I wanted, but we both had to get used to the longer, lower-placed pockets. If she'd been wearing them, though, she wouldn't have needed much time -- I certainly didn't, convinced by the pyjama-level comfort of the velvety worn denim. So worn that I will take extra care in laundering these, but I always do delicate cycle and line dry with my jeans anyway.

I think it's clear from these photos that in adopting this look (especially the cuffed bottoms), I'm compromising somewhat on the best proportions for my height and shape -- previously I've been wearing a Citizens jean that's very fitted through hips and thighs and then does a gentle flare to the floor, generally over a heel, so that I get some length. I could obviously recover some of this length by wearing the BF jeans with a heel and I will do that. But I've decided that other things are more important to me than always trying to get closer and closer to the appearance of length and slimness -- these jeans reinforce a certain internal attitude for me and I think they convey it externally. Totally worth the trade-off.
That said, I've tried to keep the look polished, and I think that my new scarf goes a long way towards achieving that (as would any scarf, of course). ORANGE, which I never wear because it never flatters me, is somehow working in this combination (beautiful cerise-pink, warm taupe, subtle purpley-red). And it's a very-fine silk-wool so that I'll be wearing it through many seasons -- I wore it "to town" (as we islanders say, hick-like) yesterday despite temps in the mid-to-high 20s, and was quite comfy.
Besides the scarf, I'm wearing the jeans with a jersey sleeveless tunic I love -- it has a pocket that flaps over the hem (you can just see it by my right hand) -- a fun detail. I threw on some earrings that aren't showing up here, a bracelet cuff I bought with Duchesse in Toronto last summer, and, of course, my leopard-print ballet flats which have become the go-to shoe this summer.
So can I close with a bad pun? Orange you gonna try the boyfriend jean? (don't worry, my orange week is almost up, altho' I have one more post for you -- relax, Girlcook, it's coming . . . )


  1. This is a fabulous look on you! I adore that scarf, and the cuff. This is exactly how you do current-but-not-trying-too-hard. I'm a bit behind the times, having just recently figured out that I can wear a slimmer legged jean. But I love the laid-back-ness of this look, and may have to try it on for myself.

  2. That is a fantastic look on you! I think anyone can wear jeans, anyone, any age, almost anywhere. It's all in how you wear them. Although jeans are acceptable attire almost anywhere in SoCal, and I forget that is not the case everywhere :) I'm interested to hear that you saw this look all over Paris, because it is right up my alley. I think I shall be on the lookout for some looser fit BF jeans now!

  3. OMG
    As if I laughed at you. That is a bit of an over statment. WE laughed when you tried on the larger size cause it made your butt look long. The smaller size I liked and DIDN'T laugh at!
    I thought the holey ones were too "young" for your style, and I like/d the ones you choose.
    being deemed the daughter that is bad to shop with, I get a little nervous. I try to say the right things but.... oops

  4. I for one am sad that orange week is almost over. You look fab in this ensemble. I am sorry to admit that I am breaking a commandment, "though shall not covet thy Matterfamilias' scarf".

  5. Thanks, Pseu! I think it's worth trying altho' it's obviously too casual for many situations.
    Jillian, I know you'd enjoy wearing them -- they fell great!
    Girlcook: That's what I meant -- thanks for revising my rendition. And you were a great, great help with these ones, not a bad daughter to shop with at all (which is good, 'cause you're going to have to step up your shopping game if the other one's tied up with baby stuff now! Not to mention that now I'll be able to get a post-shopping massage for free!)
    Orange, I mean Red, Weasel: I know, I've been getting in touch with my inner orange-lover and thinking of other things I should post about -- I'll either have to extend the week or declare it an annual tradition. '-)

  6. A splendid pair of jeans with just the `right´wash. And it seems that they really feel fine too. When you find jeans that look good and feel good, you buy them, yes! Just think of the cost per wear. Oh, and orange looks great on you !

  7. They look great on you! It's a very nice look.

  8. I really like this look - I totally get what you're saying about the internal attitude being conveyed externally. You look comfortable yet polished. Great! Patricia

  9. Metscan: Thanks! And yes, I really think I'll get full value from these.
    GC: Does that mean I've got an IOU?
    Marieanne: Thank you!
    Patricia: Thanks -- I think it's important to balance the two; sometimes in our anxiety about the external, we don't give enough weight to the in . . .

  10. I love the outfit - I agree that you look casual but not try-hard; relaxed, but not chasing after youth. And the orange scarf is gorgeous. I've always had a soft spot for orange - I'm sure it doesn't suit me, but I have an orange jacket that I just love and cannot get rid of. Plus orange always looks great with denim. I will now be on the prowl for an orange scarf ...

  11. Mater inspired me to buy a pair of J Brand boyfriends...They are FABULOUS and I will post a photo for all who want to peak...My pockets are high enough on my butt to give it a little shape and oomph. After trying so many brands, I decided to buy the ones that made my butt look fine. The JBrands were $200 bucks on, which has extremely fast delivery (2 days!) and free, no hassle returns.

    I think the trick here is to buy premium boyfriends. Don't try to wear real men's jeans. This is a "look" in women's jeans, and they are cut for a woman's bod.

    Also, I recommend you look for a very soft fabric. The wonderful drape you get from this is worth the pricetag alone.

    Thanks Mater, I don't think I would have pursued these if you hadn't done it first. You be the guinea pig from now on, I'll just follow along.

  12. I love those jeans on you, and the look as well. You look so perfect, cool, and together. I've never seen the Current/Elliott jeans without the rips and holes, at least not in local stores, although I like the fit of their boyfriend jeans. Perhaps I should search online.

    I increasingly think the art of style is that balance of the internal/external; and it is not necessarily always that which is longest and leanest. You look great and you look like you.

  13. Those are great! I don't have any C/E jeans, but I know what you mean when you talk about the softness of the denim -- once you get your hands on some of that fabric, it makes it hard to go back to non-premium denim.

  14. What a great outfit! you've got me thinking I need a pair of those jeans. Thanks for the shopping info.

    And I lust after that beautiful scarf!!!

  15. Ma, I find that your comment that your jeans convey an "internal attitude"(rather than supporting an external 'ideal) spot on and one of the most significant contributions you have made.

    I wish I and all women gave
    themselves permission to dress in a way that conveyed their spirit, rather than reach for a cloned look.

  16. Thanks, Tiffany -- you know, you're right that orange does look great with denim, and I hadn't really recognized that before you said it -- probably because I've always been sure I couldn't wear orange. But what with indigo being blue and all, and orange sitting opposite on the colour wheel, that makes sense!
    Karen: Thanks, and you're welcome! You're right to emphasize the soft fabric for drape as well as comfort. I think this was probably what was lacking (besides cut) in the Levis I tried, and perhaps if I'd had the patience to distress them in my machine, they'd have got there eventually. . .
    Mardel: perfect, cool, and together?? Moi? Why thank you so much! I'll cross my fingers, coolly and perfectly, for you to find some BFs that you like -- I found these serendipitously AND on sale!
    StyleSpy: Absolutely! And I'm done with apologizing for paying so much -- once you've tried the best . . . (in fact, I usually use diversionary tactics when quizzed about the cost;-)

    northmoon: Thanks! The scarf was an impulse buy in my favourite local boutique, and I know I'll never, ever regret it!

    Duchesse: Thanks -- I do think that balance often gets obscured as we tend to prioritize diminishing our supposed faults and emphasizing our supposed assets -- worthy practical goals, obviously, but not so worthwhile that we should copycat our way to boredom and homogeneity. I like to think that with maturity comes the ability and willingness to model some sartorial busting-out from time to time . . .

  17. I love this look as well as the fact that it reflects your "internal attitude"--that needs to be as much a part of one's criteria for dressing as proportion and shape, I think.

  18. Thanks, PM. I think so too, altho' I don't always pay enough heed to this idea.


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