Thursday, July 9, 2009

London Surprises -- He knitted their socks!

To acknowledge that there has been little knitting content here lately is to overstate the case. While many knitters do dial back in the summer, that's not usually my practice; if anything, I knit more most summers, what with not having classes to teach. But I've been having some "bio-mechanical" issues (primarily of the carpal tunnel variety, I suspect, given the knobby lump up towards my wrist), so I've been trying to abstain.

The last few days, though, I've been looking 'round at the unfinished projects and deciding which to tackle first -- I think the Gathered Pullover from last summer. Then the Tangled Yoke Cardigan and Nola's denim pants with a second sock and a laceweight Alpaca shawl/scarf I haven't told you about yet . . . In fact, I think I'll take that one with me while I travel back and forth on the BC ferry today, taking the girls back to the other side (a good 4 hours of knitting time!)

Even while I wasn't knitting, though, I was travelling with a knitter's eye. For example, I spotted this poster in front of the National Portrait Gallery in London -- part of their current advertising campaign encouraging viewers to "take a second look" at famous personalities via portraits that offer us a different perspective. This is a poster using the 1st Earl Kitchener as an example with the unexpected revelation being that such a military and "manly" man also engaged in such domestic pursuits as knitting socks.

We knitters! As The Yarn Harlot often postulates, if we ruled the world . . .
Do you know anyone who surprised you by turning out to be a knitter? Or who others might be surprised to learn is/was a knitter? Or would you like to share a "take another look" revelation about someone we may or may not know?


  1. Oooh laceweight alpaca shawl! Hope your hand heals, is there any therapy for it?

  2. Have you a ganglion on your wrist? Get it checked by a Doctor.

    I get carpel tunnel sometimes, but find the chiropractor can fix it fast.

  3. I have base-of-thumb arthritis, which isn't helped by knitting, but I still do knit ... I love that fact about Earl Kitchener!

  4. Oh, and I want to know how the Gathered Pullover goes - I have that pattern tagged in Interweave Knits ...

  5. Duchesse, Imogen: It's an on-going problem which flares up especially when I'm spending too much time on the computer (the mouse!) combined with much knitting (this sometimes runs to 3 hours daily!). The lump isn't ganglion-like, but rather a knot of tense, over-used muscle. Massage helps, but I'm also thinking I may have to see my physio again, and also thinking I should probably get a better chair for the home office.
    Tiffany: I know! Isn't that an interesting fact?! As for the GP, I'm doing it in a great Linen yarn by HandMaiden/Fleece Artist so it will be quite different than many of the ones you'll see on Ravelry -- I'm hoping it will work with such a drapey fabric.

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