Saturday, July 25, 2009

Happy Birthday to You (Two)

Since it's an orange week around here (scroll down through earlier posts -- you'll see what I mean!), I thought an orange sunrise might be an appropriate way to wish my oldest daughter and my son, our youngest offspring, a Happy Birthday (they were born nine years apart, on the same day). After all, the day certainly dawned brightly for us when they were born two or three decades ago, and I hope the days will dawn brightly for them throughout their next year.

In this coming year, my daughter will begin to juggle motherhood with her career as she returns to full-time work, and my son will juggle his new homeowning responsibilities with his return to full-time student life. I'm confident they will both juggle well -- they're committed, disciplined, and responsible people that I'm proud to have had some part in raising, and they're also bright, funny, caring, warm people I'd be proud to have as friends.

So Nola, Pater, and I wish Bronwen and Zach a very Happy Birthday, and Nola has even inadvertently decked herself out with a wee rice-puff moustache that her mom and I think is pretty hilarious (I know, simple things . . . simple minds. . . )
(and yes, that IS an orange floor you see in the background -- consistent, am I not?) Happy Birthday, Kids!


  1. Happy birthday guys.
    Oh Nola you are such a ham!

  2. I always marvel that with no planning what so ever, two siblings can be born on the same day. My two eldest had the same due date but were born 3 weeks apart. Kitty is not a huge fan of her birth date because she is often the youngest in her class and never managed to successfully have a big birthday bash on the day, as all her friends are away.
    The boyfriend jeans are a big success, you are absolutely right to offset flatter for attitude and feel.
    I am still shocked at the price, I am so mean with Jeans £40 is my top price! luckily M&S managed to deliver this year. I am lucky that being taller helps yet even I have to cut 4 inches off Zara trousers!
    My favourite orange is Hermes orange, it is just the perfect balance of rich reddy orange without the retina offending brightness.
    Finally what would look awesome with your tiger lilies is some verbena bonariensis to weave in between, I love the elegant way it blows in the breeze.

  3. GC: Isn't she just!
    IndieAl: Bronwen's and Zach's due dates were a couple of weeks apart, but both were late and magically ended up sharing a birthday -- you can imagine how thrilled she was about that at 9 (NOT!)
    And yes, I love that Hermès orange, so rich.
    Sadly, there is only the one tiger lily plant so far--so no weaving between --but I've looked up the verbena and I do think it would be a great complement, and we get lots of breeze to keep it moving.

  4. That Nola is always adorable! I can easily imagine that a 9 year old Bronwen was not thrilled at sharing her day with a brother; but in another way it is special bond.

    I never commented on the lovely orange lilies. I don't have any of those, but am admiring them around. Perhaps time to change. I do love orange but really can't wear it near my face. Your orange scarf looks lovely on you.

    I see I am mixing up my comments. Oh well.

  5. Isn't it a delight to see your children continue to explore their gifts and thrive? Congratulations!

  6. Mardel: It's funny -- my oldest and youngest do seem to have other similarities, bonds, as you say, beyond the birthdays.
    I could have sworn I couldn't wear orange as well, but my friend at the shop insisted I at least try the scarf 'cause she could see how much I loved it. Et voilà!

    Duchesse: Thanks! It truly is a delight!


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