Saturday, July 18, 2009

Beach Log

Can you tell by the rings that the log above is a fair-sized chunk of tree? And can you see that it's nestled inside another log which, if relativity means anything, was once an absolutely enormous tree. Peering inside this behemoth, you also get a sense of the power of tide and wind -- the force that would have driven these stones and this log inside this wooden cavern, a greater force than most pile-drivers can muster!

Here's another view of the larger log's opening
And here you can see how large it is compared to the 15-feet kayaks just above it.
This log has acted as a breakwater on our beach for years, absorbing some of the ocean's force and saving our foreshore. Noticing its erosion over the last 15 years, we had an existing retaining wall solidified and augmented along with the stairs to the beach. But if -- well, I must admit, when -- this log is taken away by some future storm, I know we'll miss it. How many hundreds and hundreds of years does it reach back into our coastal history? Certainly it would have started growing long before Cook or Vancouver ever sailed these waters, probably before Europeans began their imperial adventures and outrageous claims.

But it looks as if it may be staying for another decade or three -- look what's rolled in ahead to keep it company and share some of the ocean's bluster!
As for us interlopers -- we've been enjoying these sunny, hot days. Yesterday my daughter and I had a delicious swim.. Above the 49th parallel, as we are, the Pacific is never truly warm, but it was just as refreshing as you'd want it to be yesterday, and today it will even be better.

May your weekend be as lovely as mine -- perhaps you'll even log some beach time as well! (Get it? I do hope Miss C is around to enjoy my corny pun!)


  1. We have room for more here, Zach -- hope to see you and Joey on the 8th!

  2. It is amazing the composition of nature. The log in the cave looks like art.

    I know you know it but it bears reiterating, you sure live in such incredible beauty.

  3. You have always amazed me in many ways, mater. You see the big and the little things around you and you have a way to bring them for us all to see too. I´m totally blind when walking in the nature, although I live on the countryside. Sure, I identify a rabbit, squirrel.., but that´s about it. Maybe I´m just too urban, just an urban cowgirl, as I often describe myself. My luck is that there are people out there like you, who can show me the little great wonders!

  4. It is now that I would like to decamp to the seaside. Sadly two more weeks to go. I find it much easier to unwind away from the city, whilst here my brain whirs furiously thinking of what I should and could be doing.
    I will wallow in your view for a while instead though.

    About your previous post. My garden too has little to show colour wise, it is not my favourite time of year. I have no lavender, but many front paths near me are lined with it. Maybe if we ever get around to replacing our front path I can line it with lavender, the smell as you brush past is divine.

  5. LBR: Thanks, I do know that I'm lucky, but sometimes I take my surroundings for granted and need to remind myself of my good fortune.
    Metscan: I think I've become more attentive to and appreciative of the wonders around me, big and small, since I've started blogging -- thanks for the encouragement!
    IndieAl: You're going to the seaside again?! Can't wait for the photos. And yes, that's exactly right -- the city seduces with so many activities that tend to take one away from oneself. I'm always glad for a good hit of city, but relieved to recharge over here.
    Lavender's fragrance, btw, is good for helping recharge. . .

  6. Such a nice post. I like the last photo. =D Looking forward on your next post. Have a great day ahead. =D

    A Writers Den
    The Brown Mestizo

  7. I have camera envy! It's the Nikon D40? I think it's amazing. Must have.

  8. Karen: That's the camera, and I'm very happy with it -- I tried the 70 and found it too big and heavy for my hand. I'm underusing this one, relying mainly on automatic features, but some day . . .


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