Tuesday, June 2, 2009

finding our way 'round London -- one corner at a time

This photo of Pater studying the map is an image familiar to any of you who have walked a relatively unfamiliar city, I'm sure (I also like this photo for the colours and shapes in the construction site beyond). Pater and I like to head out on foot with a general destination but always prepared to meander as necessary. Yesterday our eventual goal was meeting up with IndigoAlison at Tate Modern at 3:30. On the way we meant to get to Leicester Square for tickets to some show or other (and we ended up with great seats at STOMP, a show we loved!) as well as pick up tickets for Saturday's concert at St. Martin in the Fields. Otherwise, we were pretty flexible. We ended up enjoying the National Portrait Gallery for perhaps an hour and a half and then having a lovely lunch at the Tate Cafe, checking out the Surrealists, and finding Alison, before hurrying back several kilometres to take in the show, then eating a lovely Italian meal at Bertorelli's afterward, returning to the hotel around midnight, still on foot. No wonder we both bought new Birkenstocks today!
I've got many, many photos -- some of my meeting with Alison -- but they take so long for Blogger to upload right now and Pater's down at the pub having a drink and waiting for me to finish up. I did give you the DoubleDecker bus with the glittery shoe from the Priscilla Queen of the Desert marquee -- hope you enjoy it.I can't wait to show you the little community garden we found in the middle of the city -- a perfect little respite!

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  1. Wonderful, I feel like I'm in your bag! Photos AND such description.


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