Monday, May 18, 2009

pretty growing things and a cute hat

How cute is Nola? Well, you tell me! She arrived at my birthday dinner Sunday wearing this hat which I think emphasizes her gorgeous eyes and perfectly-shaped eyebrows rather well. Her aunt scooped her up right away and barely let me near her all evening (kidding, Rhiannon, sort of . . .)

Other pretty growing things include this rhodo, 'Temple Bells,' which is finally settling in enough to put on a bit of a show.
Although it still has to gain some height as it can get lost against this Choisiya.Isn't it a marvellously soft pink when open?

I hope we have one more sunny day before I leave -- I'd love to get more pictures of that early morning sunshine -- I love that kind of light.
Okay, just one more shot, and then I'll be done with the garden for today.
And remember Mary Mary's garden, with her "pretty maids all in a row?" Well, not to be outdone, let me show you . . . my three daughters, my granddaughter, and me. How lucky am I! (Oh, and if you look closely, you can see my new watch)


  1. So much beauty on one post! Your nature shots are always welcome, and then a shot of all the women in your immediate family, what a treat. Watch looks perfect and it's always Nola time!

  2. How terrible am I? I spotted your watch before I even read the words. Lovely. And a very lovely photo of you with your daughters and granddaughter.

    Gardens and generations, what a lovely birthday.

  3. Oh, Nola is so cute in that hat I can barely stand it!!!!

    That picture of all of you is marvelous...definitely one to frame and keep. (And the watch is TDF!!!)

  4. Nola is devine, and the girls all have such lovely hair.
    I agree frame the photo.
    will email you with my number have noted your dates, looking forward too to hooking up.

  5. Happy Birthday, and enjoy your trip to Paris.

    What a beautiful family photo! Nola is adorable.

    I am very much enjoying your garden shots...please don't stop. It's very inspiring even though I'm on the other coast.


  6. Great pictures of both your garden and your girls. Of course fashion saavy Meagan colour coordinated to match your watch!

  7. Duchesse: Thanks! And yes, it is always Nola time (how will I cope being away for a month!)
    Mardel: You're good! Zoomed right in on it, did you?
    Pseu: You're right, I should frame this photo. Do you find that in this age of the digital shot, printing and framing doesn't happen so much, despite best intentions?
    Alison: I'm looking forward to it as well. It's interesting with the girls' hair that one's brunette, one's blonde, and one's a redhead (can't tell from the photo as Rhiannon's hair's pulled back).
    Christine: Thanks! Your garden will be speeding up now, I suppose as you move into some summer heat.
    Hil: You noticed that too, eh? That girl's just got a sense about colour, doesn't she!

  8. That last bouquet of blossoms are the most beautiful. That little bud, Nola,is soooooo sweet.

  9. I love that hat--and I agree, it suits her perfectly. What a wonderful combination of nature and "genealogy" photos--so nice to see everything growing and blooming. Beautiful!

  10. LBR: Thanks, I can't help but agree ;-)
    Puttermeister: Thank you -- I'm thinking ahead to all kinds of cute hats I can knit her!
    Thomas: with a strong nose, right?

  11. Nola is so pretty n that hat!=) And glad to see you and your daughters in a photo specially with your pretty granddaughter.=) And ythose flowers,so beautiful to see them gloom on shiny days.Thanks for sharing these photos,you made my day happier.Have a great day ahead.=)

    A Writers Den
    The Brown Mestizo

  12. That hat is adorable - oh my. And that's an incredible picture of the 5 of you together! Your beautiful daughters all have so much resemblance to you.


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