Wednesday, May 6, 2009

paris planning

Yesterday afternoon, I took a break from my essay-writing to attend a colloquium given by some of my colleagues in the English and the Fine Arts departments on William Blake and print culture. After a fascinating lecture accompanied by copious images, we headed down to the Art Department's Print workshop to watch a demonstration of some of the techniques Blake would have used.
Then today I was again taking a wee break from writing, this time searching for exhibitions we should check out while in Paris in a few weeks, and I found this:
there's going to a wonderfully comprehensive exhibit of Blake's work at the Petit Palais when we're there. I've added this to my "Paris File 2009"!

Do you think I could wear these? I know they're not tiger, but a nod to the big cat nonetheless. . .


  1. Oh yes!

    Though I still say Blake was really pushing the envelope with rhyming "eye" and "symmetry"!

  2. LOVE the shoes. LOVE!!!!!

    Very exciting that you are starting your Paris planning. :-)

  3. Oops, I wasn't done. Tiger tiger used to be one of the poems I would repeat to myself over and over when I first started to jog. For some reason poetry helped me. It was some thing for my mind to focus on instead of "ouch, this hurts. I'm tired. I want to stop."

  4. Nice shoes. I have followed you over from the comments on Imogen Lamport's blog. Per a comment you left there last week, I am also short-waisted and find that like you I like the look of some high waisted clothes. I think wearing a collared shirt makes the look work, as it extends the torso visually by another inch or so. I'm also exceedingly small busted and generally small through the ribcage, so there's not much to break up the line. I may be fooling myself, but then we're both in good company.

  5. And so the Paris planning begins ... these are some of my favourite of your posts!!
    Patricia By the bye, the shoes are super!

  6. Pseu: Oh, that boy pushed the envelope, he surely did!
    LBR: Yes, Paris-planning is almost as good as Paris-visiting, almost.
    So you'd recite poetry as a distraction -- very literate runner, you were! It's something I both like and dislike about running -- that it's taught me that I can endure and thus shouldn't give up. Giving up could be so comforting, couldn't it?
    Jen: Thanks for coming over -- Imogen's lovely, isn't she?! Your suggestion makes sense -- I'll have to try that. Good to have some short-waisted company in what often seems a long-waisted world.
    Patricia: I get excited about these posts as well, altho' I've been distracted lately by having to write the papers before I go. Don't think I'll plan it this way next year!

  7. The shoes are fabulous!

    The Blake sounds fabulous as well. Tiger tiger is a poem I used to recite whenever things were rough, although never while running. I wrote my senior Master's class paper on Blake and Milton, (versus my senior thesis, which was on Spencer).

    Definitely go to the Blake and let us know all about it.

  8. Supercute! Planning for Paris is such a delightful task.

  9. I was initially drawn to blake by his prolific use of image and text. Sadly I have paid very little attention to his work despite how well thought of he is a both writer and artist. Shame on me really.
    I love shoes very 'gallerina' especially with black and some BIG jewellery.

  10. Mardel: Blake, Milton, and Spenser -- you've done your time with the dead poets' society, haven't you! Interesting that two of my commenters can recite that poem to get them through tough stuff.
    Duchesse: Isn't it just!
    Alison: Watching our Fine Arts colleague take us through the engraving process -- copper plate, acid, printing press, etc., -- was fascinating. I'm really looking forward to comparing some of the prints and getting a chance to see so many works at once.
    Thanks re the shoes -- I'm packing lots of black and I do have one new piece of jewelry that's almost BIG!

  11. i love the shoes! :D i've been planning to put up an online store but i just don';t know where to get my supplies :D

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