Friday, April 17, 2009

Nothing to see here . . . no, really!

I posted over here today, so I'm afraid I'll just be doing a quick lick and a promise here. Indeed, it's been rather short shrift 'round here this week, hasn't it, what with the dental woes and all! I've been trying to get marking done so that I can start writing the papers I'll be presenting next month in Ottawa and early June in Birmingham (UK, not Alabama). This afternoon, I'm off to a lecture, and then I'm heading to Vanc'r where I'll finally get to see my little Nola. It's been about 3 weeks since I've last seen her and in the meantime, I've been surprisingly envious of my sisters who got to fuss over her at Easter and even of her auntie who Facebook-posted the cutest video ever of Nola rocking her legs to get some roll-over action happening -- yes! she's now moving from back to tummy quite purposefully. Plus she's chatting her baby chat and laughing and she's just a lot of fun. Be prepared for a deluge of photos and generally nauseating Nana-chat when I get back.


  1. We've just got back from a trip to my parent's house in Canberra (7 hours road trip) so they enjoyed some quality grandparent time with my kids.

    Hope your trip to see Nola is great - as I'm sure it will be!

  2. Imogen: That's a substantial drive, but do-able enough that your kids are probably able to see their grandparents regularly. I'm so glad we're close to Nola and I don't have to go more than weeks without seeing her -- it's such a special relationship, and it's lovely to be on this side of it.

  3. Mater, this is totally unrelated, but could you do a post on how you stay motivated to run? I am just losing my groove and feel so horrible about the state of my musculature! I feel so lazy, pressed for time with the kids and all their stuff, etc.


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