Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Not even in a washing machine?

Last night, I showed you the last of our stormy blue March skies. More blue today, but a gentler version -- inside of joining up with stony earth tones and sullen, foreboding greys, my garden blues find a cheerier spring partner. They seem not to have heard that silly old sing-song chant,
"Blues and greens should never be seen
Not even in a washing machine"

I love pale yellows in the spring garden, but I think my favourite combination is the fresh green of new leaves backing up a vibrant blue. Lucky for me, since this combo is all over the yard right now!
Brunnera macrophylla, if I remember correctly, although it could also be omphalodes cappadocica.
Pulmonaria -- and I'm afraid that's as specific as I can be.

Scilla siberica, I think.
It seems I'm either looking up to the skies or down at the ground to find mood-enhancing blues all around me. Day by longer day, I'm spending more time outside, soaking up that light, sloughing off the winter's metaphorical blues in exchange for the spring's more satisfying colours. What about you? Are you catching the spring fever yet?


  1. Your garden is looking absolutely stunning. I love this time of year the green of new shoots is almost luminous.
    Your landscape images are lovely too, the spring blue sky again looks so clean . I hope I will get a taste of that next week.

  2. I used to have a lot of scilla siberica, and then it disappeared over the last couple of years. I wonder if the "men in boots" got it.

  3. Yes, there's definitely more of a "spring" in my step too. Forsythia and camelia both blossoming in the garden.

  4. The blue against the green heightens the intensity of the blue.

  5. I tagged you in a meme. I would love to see your responses.

  6. Toutes ces photos sont exquises, que c'est beau chez-vous!


  7. IndigoAl: The garden's actually a horrid mess right now, in need of much work, but the camera lets me edit, which I appreciate very much!
    Mardel: I'm sure it will be back -- I suspect it's as tough as the boots those men were wearing -- I'm waiting to see what comes back after my garden was similarly traumatized.
    Lesley: Sadly, I have no forsythia nor camelia -- I envy you those heralds of spring, such great splashes of welcome colour.
    LBR: Doesn't it!
    Mardel: looks like fun -- thanks for the tag.
    Orane: Merci! I'm very lucky, I know!

  8. My mothr used to say, "Blue with brown, wear with a frown". Bet you could photograph that, too. Beautiful and so encouraging after your harsh winter.

  9. duchesse: I see some lovely combos of blue and brown where beach meets water or trees are outlined against the sky -- although if your mom meant navy and brown, that's a bit tougher.
    Feel a bit embarrassed if I'm suggesting our winter was harsh, compared to what you Easterners deal with!


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