Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wedding Album

My two oldest on the dance floor, baby Nola and her father obscured just behind them, Pater "cutting a rug" to their right.
I admit I'm terribly selfish -- while I was pleased to see my husband's family, especially the now-grown nieces and nephews that we so seldom cross paths with anymore and who only days ago were putting on plays for us in their grandparents' basement, I mainly enjoyed watching my own small brood, as these photos testify. In fact, I was off the hook for most other socializing thanks to a table arrangement that kept groups together and apart. The wedding was quite lovely, as they can be, although I'm not so keen on that whole "nouveau traditional" golf club aesthetic. The buffet meal was quite sumptuous and the open bar, while not abused at all, relaxed the crowd into an easy enjoyment. My nephew loves a podium, thanks to his theatre background, but knows not to take advantage of it, so did a stellar job as MC. My niece made a beautiful, if not blushing, bride -- she literally jiggled with excitement, barely holding back giggles of delight as she recited her share of the vows. I will admit to holding back some secret giggles myself, mentally rapping my own knuckles when I couldn't help recalling something Duchesse posted about a few weeks ago (sorry for being cryptic again, but altho' I've never let Pater's family know about my blog, discovery is always possible -- If you read us both, though, you'll catch my meaning).
Pater and Nola having a conversation, my daughter-out-of-law, Joey, looking on.

Men in suits: The good-looking men in the family. l to r, Brian, my daughter's BF; Adam, Nola's dad; Zach, my son, and Pater

My Mother-in-law, one of the champion baby whisperers -- this photo will be printed,
for sure!

And this might be my favourite photo of the evening: Adam was helping Nola keep time with the music, and I only wish I'd video'd the moves -- too cute!


  1. That Nola sure is a cutie! She's really gotten bright-eyed in the last few weeks. Last time I saw her she couldn't take her eyes off of Adam. She tracked him wherever he went.

  2. Great pictures! It looks like you had a lovely time with your family. What did you wear??

  3. Oh, we haven't been to a wedding in such a long time, and our boys have never been to one. We have one engaged niece - hopefully she'll wait until we get back! Yes, what did you wear?? Patricia

  4. Ditto Deja Pseu what were you wearing?
    I do love a man in a suit, images like these seem very rare these days as everyone dresses down for even quite formal events.
    Did I spy Nola wearing a Materfamilias knit?

  5. What a dashing group of men! And are there NO photos of you... or at least description of your choice?

    One of my nephews married in Dec. in a country club in Tahoe. Not my bro's idea of appropriate, but the young people just love this relaxed setting, and a joyous wedding is a pleasure no matter where.

  6. Miss R: Yep, she's keen on her dad -- and it's reciprocal!
    Pseu: the wedding was black-and-red themed, so I wore a black stretch-lace sheath with a pair of candy-apple red patent pointed-toe stilettoes and some long black feather-and-jet earrings. Same outfit I wore to Carmen a few weeks ago, actually, and a bit Goth for a wedding, I know, but it was quite appropriate for this one. Pater is so impressed by those shoes!
    Patricia: See above.
    Alison: I agree that a suit really can make the man! No, haven't managed to get any of my knitting on Nola yet.
    Duchesse: Knowing how these things go, perhaps you won't be surprised that I got home to realize there isn't a single photo of me in the camera! They were taken, but by other cameras, so perhaps I'll get a copy some day . . .
    And yes, it's the young folks' day -- we loved our daughter's wedding which was very casual -- catered here at our beachfront place after a church wedding. And when I say catered, I should point out that the main item on the plates were the family's favourite gourmet/artisan sausages, barbequed and in buns! So it's not the cas that bothered me at all about the golf club but rather a slightly-pretentious faux 1920s grandeur. . . . still, it was all quite lovely.

  7. Oh she is adorable, Nola is, for sure. It looks like a lot of fun. Country club weddings are an interesting mix of casual and attitude. Everyone looks so happy.

  8. Okay, that little NOLA!!! I bet the curls are going to pop any day now and there's no going back after that!!!

  9. Mardel and Karen -- thanks, I do think she's pretty cute -- Karen, I'm wondering about the curls as well, and crossing my fingers . . .

  10. What a great looking group you are! Looks like it was a fun day!


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