Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Colours -- garden and closet

It has been so awful here, weather-wise. Yes, last week's snow finally melted off the ground, and I'm no longer worried about the pipes to the cottage freezing at the nighttime -7 lows, but the next week's forecast is one bout of rain after another, interspersed with the occasional wind warning. So even though I'm sick today, moving, pyjama-clad from big chair to bed to couch, accompanied by Neo-Citran, thermometer, and box of kleenex, I couldn't resist bundling up to go outside with my camera when the sun came out briefly this afternoon. And it's true: there's hope! Just look at these buds bursting out! Spring will not be stopped; the White Witch loses her strength!
I especially love the dainty, articulated leaves of this rose, Awakening (a sport of New Dawn). Other years, a clematis alpina winds through it, splashing its deep purple bells among the fresh green rose leaves; this year, with all the chopping back that had to be done to accommodate our new arbour, I'm not sure what we'll see. Meanwhile, I'm happy just to see such verdant energy.

While I was outside, I thought I'd take advantage of the light to ask for your opinion. Ever since Karen got me playing in my wardrobe, thinking of bolder pairings than I'm used to in terms of prints, graphics, florals, stripes, etc., I've been looking with a fresh eye. Although it's not so obvious in this photo, the print on that Kenneth Cole dress generally reads grey-ish, so it seemed possible to me that it might work with the grey stripes in this Gap cardigan. I'm trying to find ways to bring some yellow into my sartorial life, and I do like it paired with grey/black. I've had this combo hanging on a wall for me to think about over the last week. Most days, I think I rather like it; other days, I'm just conscious that it breaks what I always thought of as solid rules.
I know I'd need to something convincing scarf/necklace, shoes, and bag-wise, but what do you think of this as a starting point?
And by the way, I was mortified to see that so many of you didn't realize I was joking about this way-too-busy combination. Now I'm nervous you may just see the pairing above as confirmation of your worst suspicions ;-) Still, it's all supposed to be fun, no? And, as my dad used to say, the man who never made a mistake never did anything . . .


  1. Hope you are feeling better today! We have had some spring-like weather, but also a run of rain and wind.

    Again, I just can't say from the photo. If the dress really were the same shade of grey, or at least a light shade, then I'd say maybe. Hm, I guess I'm just not as adventurous as Karen! Let's see what the others say....

  2. Ditto the getting better bit,
    I too love those first buds of spring, they can be so uplifting at this time of year.
    Regards your previous post, the Opera sounds amazing and as you have found out, the rigmarol of organising tickets 6 months or more in advance is a real headache. I am managing to do it for the theatre with increasing success by getting email alerts.
    I confess I have yet to see an opera, but it is on my 'do before I die' list!
    My advice with any 'out of my comfort zone' outfits would be to wear it around the house for an hour, if you feel good stick with it, if not, back on with the less clash to match it is!
    Instead of the cardie you could try a black one but adding two bright yellow Louis Vuitton animal print style bangles. That way the yellow is not so close to the face.
    I realise this may require a shopping trip, but is that such a bad thing?

  3. I enjoy seeing your outfit hanging outside ("take me out!").
    It's not a natural combination to my eye, as the cardi is quite preppy/sporty in contrast to the finer dress. But it COULD work. Or the cardi will overwhelm the dress as it is a leap way up in scale. You'll know when you try it!

  4. What nice, joyful photos
    of the rose budding up with all the promise of spring. Here in Seattle we even have a few brave blooms amongst wild snow, hail, and wind storms. I have drifted to your blog via "Artist Adrift" and love your posts. Alas, I am absolutely no use in the style department being truly most comfortable in my gardening sweat pants or my birdwatching jungle pants. But I applaud your pluck and daring in that adventure!

  5. Patricia: Bottom line, I think, is it's not really convincing -- reducing it to the photograph subjects it to the harsh light of reality!
    Alison: You shopping enabler, you! I did end up buying a couple of pale yellow cuffs and a huge fabric flower brooch, also buttery yellow. Now for a spring day to wear them on.
    Duchesse: I'm feeling that same ambivalence, and you're right, the prep vibe of the sweater is an element to consider -- although the dress is a heavier jersey than it looks in the photo and the cardigan finer. I suspect it could work with the right accessories and attitude, but I also suspect that mine is not the necessary attitude or I would have just worn, instead of testing!
    Colene: I've got blooms too! I'll even show you some over the next few days -- good to have you visiting!

  6. I love it when the sun comes out and makes everything seem that bit more manageable! I hope you are feeling better by now.
    I'm afraid i'm going to say no to this combination - the yellow in the cardi is putting me off - I think you need something stronger, like a black & white stripe.

  7. I hope you are feeling better.;D
    And look at those flowers..They stars to grow.;D
    Very colorful,thanks for sharing it to us.Have a nice day.;D
    I hope you could visit my blog too.;D

  8. Cybill: Yes, the sun does make everything better -- too bad there's absolutely none on the horizon here for forever, despite the spring equinox arriving! Perhaps that's why I'm desperate to get some yellow going on, matching or not ;-)
    Summer: Thanks for visiting and for the good wishes.

  9. I've just stumbled across your blog from many clicks, and I've really enjoyed reading it and perusing through the archives. I was about to leave anonymously, but then saw that you're doing some playing with pattern mixing (see "Fashion 101" section for outline of this project), and incidentally, we're doing a module on that on our site this week:

    We are also in academia, three graduate students, and we've been exploring how to dress for such while still being creative and having fun with our wardrobe.

    I really like the striped cardi over the grey patterned dress, I think it works because it's all neutrals with a bit of yellow. Check out our pattern mixing of this week, maybe it will inspire!

    I look forward to coming back to your site in the future! S. of

  10. S. Chic: Great having you stop by and thanks for the thumbs-up on the combination. By lucky coincidence, I've only just discovered your site as well, and I've been having fun watching you try out new pattern mixes -- inspiring, thanks.

  11. Pretty bits of spring! How nice. I loke the combination of colors and prints in the outfit. It might well work; it is hard to tell on the tree versus as worn, but I think it seems promising. I've been eyeing that cardigan too by the way but battling myself over it. The blue/gray would fit so well in my wardrobe, but the yellow/gray really sings to me, so I struggle between boring practicality and inspiring muse-sweater which may lead my wardrobe completely astray.

  12. Hmmm -- you're trying to ignore a singing cardigan, Mardel? I'm not at all sure your efforts deserve success! Sometimes wardrobes want to be led astray . . .


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