Tuesday, March 31, 2009

morning drama

I know, I already gave you drama today-both gardening and cinematic-- but I just couldn't resist taking these photos this morning, and now I can't resist sharing them with you.

We've had every kind of weather -- those lowering, dramatic clouds dumped rain, got blown ferociously aside by gusting winds, sweet rainbows pointed the way to scrumptious sunshine . . . it was a catalogue of weather!

And tomorrow we're expecting rain, wind, and flurries -- all of which seems to be demonstrating that a March which came in lion-like can go out the same way.
And that there will be many April showers on the way, so we'll have to cross our fingers and hope for May flowers before too long.
Meanwhile, I'll be sky-watching. . .


  1. Wow!Beautiful shots.;D
    Love them,sooo relaxing.;D

  2. Thanks, Solo, glad you enjoyed them.

  3. Waking up to these vistas has to lift your soul. Thanks!

  4. OMG the sky!

    Truly beautiful.

  5. If I saw these photos somewhere else I would have been sure they were photoshopped. I am stunned by their beauty.

  6. Duchesse: It's hard to complain when faced with these views (altho' I do try!)
    Mardel: I know, isn't it stunning!
    LBR: The sky was so co-operative in posing for me. . .


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