Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tired of Winter's Beauty, Really!

Here's the view that greeted me this morning -- looking at the photos, I see that there's more blue than I could appreciate. Immediately after a snowfall, before the skies clear, I'm always struck by what a sombre beauty this palette proffers.
I was going to head over to Vanc'r today (we've got a family wedding to attend there this weekend), but I'm going to put it off 'til tomorrow, I think, and wait out the snow plows. Rain and above-zero temperatures are expected by tomorrow morning which will make for slightly better traction on the roads but there's going to be some massively ugly slush to get through. My sister-in-law is probably nervous about people making their way to the wedding which is in Pitt Meadows, getting out towards the Fraser Valley where there is always more snow than up along the Coast.

One of my sisters returned from a week in Mexico yesterday and is certainly rethinking that decision! But my daughter, Megan, and her fella are heading off to the Bahamas on Saturday to visit his folks -- wonderful timing as the snow will make the warmth that much better -- and by the time they get back, spring will have got the upper hand here, I hope.

I hope you're faring better, weather-wise, but if not, I hope you're figuring out how to make the best of what you've got. I've got the fire going and will content myself with using this "found time" to get more of next week's classes prepped. And maybe a nice glass or two of red wine this afternoon to reward myself . . .


  1. I'm pretty much done with this chill as well. Will be in Vancouver on the weekend - perhaps our paths will cross...

  2. I doubt it, Thomas (hey, that phrase has a certain Christian resonance, no?), unless you're going to be trekking out to Pitt Meadows. If you're on the ferry on Saturday 11-ish, though, you might see my son and gf on their way to join the family adventure.

  3. You live in such beauty. Lily and I are so looking forward to our visit. She says winter, spring or fall she would happily play on the beach with your furry-child.

  4. Oh geesh, I love the photos of the snow and the cold blue and gray world. I am sick of winter too, but now the snow is gone and it is cold and brown and dead looking, a pretty typical winter scene, and still cold for at least the next week or more. I am realizing that for all the snow is a pain, I prefer looking at the ice and snow and blues and grays to the sad browns we have now. At least we will be off to Tennessee in about a week and a half to see the smiling face of grandson and hopefully a touch of spring as well.

  5. Hope all make it there safely. You must be preoccupied with the driving b/c you did NOT tell us what you are wearing to the wedding and knowing you it will be fab. Maybe you'll treat us to a photo?

  6. LBR: Be careful, Lily may get led astray here. My furry child escaped from the yard the other day and was happily bounding down the road to greet me when I came home. Happily bounding, I must add, well-drenched in several layers of otter poop that she'd been ecstatically rolling in.
    Mardel: Yes, I can see that the sad browns would get old rather quickly -- we've always got green here as soon as the snow melts away. I'm glad you have a trip to look forward to, and perhaps by the time you get back, spring will have begun springing where you are.
    Duchesse: actually, I'm not worried about the driving as this seems to be a two-day wonder, already being rained away, but I'm preoccupied with making the most of my last Reading Break time -- surprising how little I got done of what I wanted to!

  7. Beautiful. Spring has sprung here the birds are nesting, my woolies packed away. Do you think I am asking for trouble?

  8. You are so fortunate to have such a beautiful view. I love to look at snow; so clean and pure. But, I don't like to live with it. I like one really pretty snow per winter and then I am ready for spring and summer. Hope you had your glass of wine.

  9. Alison, you're making me nervous . . . couldn't you at least leave a big heavy pair of boots by the door, to acknowledge the power of the winter gods?
    Julianne: A woman after my own heart -- and if that one pretty snow can happen on a weekend when one doesn't have to go anywhere or if it causes snow days that get me some extra R&R, even better. And yes, I had a glass, but ended up going for the port. ;-)


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