Thursday, January 15, 2009

knitting update -- first of 2009

My first knitting FO (finished object) of the New Year, waaaaay behind Jillian over at Sknitty. I actually had this finished by January 5th or 6th but had to wait to show it here because it was a gift for my daughter-out-of-law, Joey. She and Zach stopped by on their way to the ski hill earlier this week -- we had a nice meal together at our little floating pub here, and they gave me their fabulous Christmas present -- three bottles of very nice wines as well as a sommelier's list of good buys and a gift certificate to take the list to our local liquor store!
I'd modeled the hat on myself before, thinking I might not get a chance to get a picture of it on Joey, which was good thinking, I guess, except that this is not a very good picture. The beret has just the right amount of slouch, though, and she was very pleased with it -- the colour's richer and darker than it looks here and the tweed flecks bring in some fun colours, predominantly the orange you can spot in the photo. It's fabulous with Joey's glossy, dark hair and olive complexion. The yarn is Royal Tweed by Lana Grossa. Other details at Ravelry.
I've also just cast off my Rumpelstiltskin scarf (gold silk laceweight) and will try to show you that this weekend. I'm at the toe decreases for the second sock in a pair for Zach, and have also just cast on for a new pair. AND I cast on last night for another Tulip Cardigan -- you know, 'cause between the socks and the Noro striped scarf I started earlier this week, I didn't have quite enough projects (and yes, if you're a stickler for detail, I still have the Gathered Pullover sleeves to finish).


  1. Lovely hat! I'll bet it looked great on you too with your blue eyes.

  2. Beautiful!

    And remember I started my 2009 FO in December 2008! :)

  3. The colour is so pretty and I love the jauntiness of this chapeau.

  4. Pseu: Funny, I have one shot which shows my eyes and they look very green in contrast to the hat's colour -- mine are changeable eyes -- they go from grey to green to grey-blue depending what I'm wearing and what's around me. I do love the colour on me, though, and I have enough for another. . .
    Jillian: That's true! You practically cheated!
    LBR: Thanks! Jaunty is such a good word for a beret!

  5. I love that! It's very bright and colorful. Well done.

  6. A great beret, a little fuller and slouchier as you say. One of those designs that will look good on everyone, and such a luscious yarn and colour. Lucky young woman!

  7. A really pretty color. Wish I had time to knit again . . .

  8. Thanks, Enc and Duchesse.
    Miss C: Thanks as well -- it's stolen time, I must admit . . .


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