Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry White Christmas

Well, here in our little city, we've currently got the most snow in BC with 86 centimetres since December 12 -- it's a record I'd gladly surrender, but instead it might even get worse. There's a snowfall warning for tonight, threatening another 10 centimetres, and then an additional 5 or so here and there through to the end of the week.

So we're going to get out in the brief window of (I hope) cleared roads, and get over to Vancouver where our kids are all waiting for us. We're taking along our old Golden, Skeena, after I was unsuccessful in finding a pet-sitter (luckily, I have someone to come in and feed the cat daily, but Skeena takes more work), so the bus is not a possibility. Pater swears there are chains in the trunk to augment our all-season radials, and altho' I can't remember ever seeing them on this car, he's confident they'll strap on if we need them, so off we go. First, we'll have to pack our suitcases in the wheelbarrow and then steer that through the kilometre of unplowed road to get to our little ferry -- the photo at the top is what that road looked like yesterday morning. Luckily, I did almost all the shopping on the other side so the gifts are already in the apartment. Still, we could really use one of these -- should have "borrowed" this temporarily-abandoned vehicle yesterdayOh well, at least I don't have to work hard for my dinner, like this cheery fellow below.

And really, in a world that offers up such delights, should I complain about some cold and snow? So many children will be busy making memories of their best Christmas ever, the one where it snowed and snowed, and we went sliding and Christmas carolling and . . .
In that spirit, I wish you all a very merry Christmas, whether yours is white or green. I hope you make some fine memories with good friends and family and have a chance to appreciate the beauties that surround us. All the best of the Season!


  1. So lovely!! But yes, I'll bet it's a pain to get around in. Good weather for a little yule log in the fireplace...

    Enjoy your Christmas! Hope it's the merriest of merries.

  2. I hope that your Christmas is as beautiful as you and your surroundings. How could it not be, Grandma?;-)
    Wishing you lots of warmth even as you are surrounded by a winter wonderland.

  3. It's troublesome but oh, so lovely! What a beautiful environment you live in; each season is so wonderful. Thanks for sharing the photos and have a lovely Christmas with your family.

  4. Oh how beautiful it all looks! But that is a terrible amount of snow, with more to come. Enjoy this Christmas of memories.

  5. Merry Christmas (and a bit of luck navigating); I too am delighted we met in '08. Christmas with a new family member, so much to celebrate!

  6. Pseu: Perfect weather for the yule log, yes! Sadly, here in our Vanc'r apartment there is no fireplace, but there's the endless entertainment of folks sliding their cars down the busy street just out our window . . .
    Merry Christmas to you as well, and to
    LBR: (see above greetings) -- best of the season from Nana to French Westie Mama!
    Nancy: Taking the photos for the blog forced me to recognize how pretty it really is, and I've stopped grumbling for the moment, at least. Wishing you a lovely Christmas also
    Mardel: yes, it snows and it snows, and it's snowing outside right now. So we'll just have to get out and make some good memories. Merry Christmas and thanks for your blog and for your comments here through the year.
    Duchesse: All the best of the season!


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