Friday, December 19, 2008

and even more snowscapes

I never get tired of watching the changing seascape outside my window, especially during the winter. Above is what it looked like as the snowclouds moved toward us the other morning. As you see below, we still had only a light dusting here, but we were soon to get much more. In the distance, you can see the shores of Gabriola Island, newly under snow, and beyond that, the Sunshine Coast north of Vancouver.Looking at that incipient drama, I really should have been hauling more firewood inside.By yesterday afternoon, I'd been out and cleared the walkway, stocked up on wood for the fire, and been out to let Skeena, our Golden Retriever, frolic in the new snow. So I could sit inside with my tea and watch this bright conversation between sun and snow.Really, what a beautiful couple -- clearly meant to be together, if only briefly.I've always been quite happy with my lot, living in a temperate, if rainy, climate, and always skeptical of those prairie folk who miss the clear blue sunny winter skies -- I have to bite back my retort about the 30 below temperatures that come with those sunny skies. For a little while yesterday, though, I could see the appeal (although I was, admittedly, seeing it from inside by the fire).Here's the scene just before I started putting this post together. We're under snow clouds now and as I write, the flakes are getting bigger, falling more quickly. Bleak beauty again surrounds me.
And I'm going to get out in it -- I have to go to town for groceries, so I can have a yummy chicken tagine ready for Paul when he gets home tonight. Usually I use my bike panniers to haul groceries, but the bike's no good in the snow, so I'll shop thinking of weight, stowing all my goodies in my backpack. Life on the island is especially challenging on days like these, but rewarding as well. And at least I'm not trying to head through an airport like Toronto!

What about you? Are you embracing the cold? Staying warm? How's the weather influencing your weekend plans?


  1. Wow, those are such gorgeous shots!

    Here in LA it's cool but clear. Weather should be quite nice this weekend. We're planning to finish up our holiday shopping tomorrow, then head back to Anisette for more moules frites. Sunday is the family Hanukah gathering, then off in the boat to look at the holiday decorations along the canals.

  2. The only thing better than snow is snow on the coast line. Really, these pictures are so very beautiful. They are only making me dream of visiting you more. If you post pictures of you drinking tea, eating cookies in front of the fire and the snow in the background through the window I am going straight to the airport and booking a flight to Vancouver.

    I have the same weather as Deja! Plans: prepare for puppy, dream of puppy, and lollygag.

  3. Wow, those are such gorgeous shots! Wishing you in advance "A Merry X'Mas and A Happy New Year''

  4. Pseu: That sounds like a lovely weekend. Especially the moules frites -- mmmmm!
    LBR: You know you're welcome, especially if you pack that cute little Westie in your carry-on.
    Lollygagging -- I love lollygagging. Let's lollygag together one day, either in LA or in Vanc'r or even in Paris!

  5. Well its hot here and I've left my washing on the line too long (again) and its all faded. I wish I were there with you enjoying that lovely scenery and making you make me a cup of tea!

  6. Oh, I envy you your milder winters even if wet and gray. Here it is often gray and cold cold cold, and you are right, 30 below is not appealing.

    Oh well, I've been out shovelling snow, luckily light and fluffy, tomorrow is supposedly for the heavy wet stuff. Even so Iove your photos of the sky and water and snow.

    I'd lollygag with you in a second.

  7. Susan: Thank you!
    Cybill: You'd have to bundle up, though! But I'd happily make you a cup of tea or two. . .
    Mardel: We were 19 below (Celsius) last night -- too cold for me. And we're expecting another 5 to 10 centimetres of snow tonight and even more before Christmas -- this may be our first white Christmas in many years (although about 12 or 13 years ago, we got almost a metre overnight 2 days after Christmas -- that really shut things down!)
    Pater's just poured me a glass of red -- I think I'll drink to lollygagging!

  8. I LOVE these pictures, especially the little snow covered blue bobble. I know you won't believe me but I wish I could see it all (for a little while). Here we are waiting for kids to arrive after harrowing travel from Vancouver. Have a lovely, well-earned season of rest; eat, drink, and read well. much love...

  9. I do believe you, actually, and I wish you could be here for a day or so as well -- but I bet you'll manage to enjoy a much warmer Christmas -- especially warm now that all of you are together. Hugs to everyone for me, and a very Merry Christmas


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