Saturday, August 16, 2008

more lisbon beauties

My creation, originally uploaded by materfamilias knits.

Here's another mosaic -- as Patricia suggested in yesterday's comments, sunshine is an integral part of Lisbon's beauty, and the ubiquitous yellow walls intensifies its uplifting effects. I apologize for the mosaic being cut off on the right, but I'm not sure how I could remedy that -- it looks fine as I draft and preview it, but gets cut off when it's posted. If you're techie enough to advise a fix, please feel free.


  1. Gorgeous colors again!

    Have you tried clicking on the image while in Compose mode, then "pulling in" the lower right hand corner to make the overall image smaller? I have the same problem sometimes with images that are too large being cut off on the right side.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, Pseu -- too bad it didn't work. I suspect the changes might have to be made back at the mosaic-making stage, and I'll probably have to go check out the "help" features on the mosaic site.


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