Friday, August 8, 2008

Chez moi

Well, I'm back home with much to tell you about my visit to Toronto -- a wonderful afternoon with Duchesse, who's every bit as warm, intelligent, and absolutely discerning about fashion as her blog suggests; some stunning meals; much walking; a brilliant shopping find; great mother-daughter visiting (we saw Mamma Mia! together and she put up with my singing along!); a visit with a grad school friend; a technicolour lightning show and more, much more.

But for now I'm still in our Vancouver apartment where the computer access isn't as good as at home and where the camera-computer connection isn't at all. Besides which, I really need to settle in and spend some time with the sweet man who picked me up at the airport and is now out shopping for the dinner he's going to make for me (well, yes, he is my husband -- you were hoping for a little intrigue there?). Not that I should ever eat again after the meals I savoured this week. . .

We'll get up early tomorrow and line up for the BC Ferry along with all the tourists and by tomorrow afternoon I hope I'll have some photos posted for you. Megan took some of Duchesse and I enjoying our mojitos, and I have photos of the alchemy that goes on at Colborne Lane in Toronto where we had truly delectable ice cream made in seconds at our table. And I'll see how well I can describe some of my Toronto finds -- I'll be ready for at least one opera night this coming season.

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  1. ma, that Oscar de la Renta jacket is still there... and my offer to ship stands. The crazy striped knit jacket is gone. Next time we are carving out at least a day.


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