Sunday, June 15, 2008

More Paris Windows

I love Tara's Paris window photographs, a regular feature over at ParisParfait. I had looked forward to meeting her in Paris, but it turned out that she was travelling west almost exactly the same time I was going her way. In fact, she was in Vancouver while I was in Paris, and she recently posted a photo of a Vancouver window, something that impressed and amused me, as we always come back from Paris to find our own windows frightfully dull.

You can also see great window shots, most recently of London shops, over at IndigoAlison. My own experiments in this genre are not nearly as successful, but they were fun. Below are windows from the grands magasins along Blvd. Hausmann where the theme was a watery one. Look how swimmingly this yellow frock goes with the school of fish. And yes, that's Pater's reflection, lower left. Another elegant swimmer, aided by long flippers.

And Pater admires the pretty Balenciaga dress swishing with the fish, and manages not to gasp at the price, displayed, as are the contents of almost all Paris windows, this time on the lower right portion of the photo.
Nearby, yet another amazing window featured this sculpture -- you can see Paul and me reflected on the left.
Here's the accompanying information about the work. You can see more from this sculptor at her blog ici.
Later that afternoon, as we walked down Rue Royale to get tea and macarons at Ladurée, we spotted more windows with a marine theme, this time at a very tony jeweler's.Don't fret -- no coral was killed for this window, but rather branches were cleverly coloured this convincing red.Across the Seine, after our tea (and yes, I have photos of macarons for you later), I spotted this clever display at Paul Smith's store on the Blvd. Raspail. Various sizes of shiny tin cans curve around the staircase opening.


  1. Neat! This made me remember going to Chicago at Christmastime every year and my favorite thing was walking around to see all the department store windows in the Magnificent Mile.

  2. Just delightful! Reminds me how much I miss not only the ancient beauty but also the current visual stimulation of Paris!

  3. Oh you've done a fine job! These window photos are terrific! So glad you enjoyed your time in Paris. Wish we could have met, but next time - here or there! Thanks for the lovely kudos. xo

  4. Jillian: I've never been to Chicago, but I do love Christmas windows in department stores.
    Duchesse: Yes! There's nothing staid or stagnant about Paris's visual beauty -- it's ever-changing and always striking.
    Tara: As you say, one of these days we'll meet - macarons and tea at Ladurée next May?

  5. I think you have been secretly taking photography lessons with Indigo. These are gorgeous photographs. You two have me wanting to become a shutterbug. Think I am going to practice in Portland. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. LBR: Wouldn't that be fun? Photography lessons with Alison? Yes!! Let's all head to London now!


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