Monday, May 19, 2008

A Victoria birthday

Thank you all for the birthday greetings. I had a wonderful day, driving down to Victoria with Paterfamilias so that this handsome young man, our son Zachary, could treat us to sushi. He's been living in Victoria for three or so years now and knows it much better than I ever did as a commuting grad student and sessional instructor at UVic. He knew a great sushi place to take us to, and they knew him well enough there that we got treated very well. After lunch, we strolled along in the sunshine, listened to the buskers, and embarrassed Zach by posing like tourists for our photos. Btw, can you spot my new scarf?
Like father, like son, eh? I didn't really notice 'til I uploaded the photos that both my guys were wearing jeans, polo shirts, similar watches, and have fairly similar hairstyles as well.
And just to show you I have no vanity or shame at all, here are the three of us, and a slightly better view of my birthday scarf keeping my neck warm . . .

I'm almost packed now, and I do remember my promise to show you that the suitcase will close, so I'll have one more post before we leave. While I'm gone, though, I hope you'll keep visiting -- I've written numerous posts and will be using the new Blogger feature that allows me to schedule the publishing of posts while I'm gone. I'm hoping to be able to check in occasionally altho' it will depend on access, and I'll read your comments through my e-mail (they get forwarded to me by Blogger). I might not be able to respond to them 'til I get back, but I will do my best to answer eventually.


  1. Your scarf looks fabulous!!! Glad you had a good birthday (sushi always a plus).

  2. Mother, Father, Son, and scarf all look like they had an amazing birthday. No wasabe or sake on your scarf--I hope.

    I am so delighted that there will be posts while you are gone. I will really miss you. And, I am so looking forward to hear every detail of your trip when you return. I know you are going to have a fabulous time.

    Please keep celebrating your birthday and your new scarf the whole time you are in Paris. Hmm, maybe you will need to go into Hermes and get your Scarf a friend.

    I am not saying goodbye or even bon voyage, yet. I will save that for your suitcase post.;-)

  3. The scarf looks even better on! By the way, if that is the 'handbag' you are taking with you, then I have no more worries of you being underpacked!!! ;0) Patricia

  4. Thanks, Pseu.
    Belette: I was mainly worried about the soya sauce, but I think my scarf kept me on my best behaviour since even my white t-shirt stayed white. And thanks for suggesting that my scarf might be feeling lonely. I'll keep that in mind and maybe I'll have some of the bad luck that Pseu discussed in her post on the fab lilac sandals ;-)
    Patricia: Cheeky! But no, this isn't the purse, but wouldn't it be great -- too bad AirCanada has those pesky rules now about the size one's purse can be!

  5. What a beautiful day for a Birthday in Victoria. Zach really does look like Paul but I see a bit of Schmidt there also, wish you'd taken off the shades in your photo but I suspect you were more worried about the scarf showing up than the eyes.
    I'm glad you enjoyed your day with ones you love. My very beautiful thoughtful loving sister you deserve every bit sunshine and joy.

  6. Hil, yuo're too sweet! Thank you. And yes, I agree, Zach's obviously got some of our side of the family as well -- in fact, his colouring is much like yours, isn't it!

  7. Great shots and it sounds like you had a fantastic birthday, just as it should be. I can certainly see the father/son resemblance in your two boys! Now don't worry about us whilst you are on holidays but certainly fill us in when you get back, ok?

  8. Happy belated birthday. I'll be living in Paris vicariously through you.

  9. Thanks Cybill, Thomas. I'll do my best to enjoy Paris, just for my readers . . .


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