Thursday, April 24, 2008

Root (canal)s, leaves, and flowers

Pardon me for being a bit distracted. My routine dental check-up on Tuesday revealed that the tooth sensitivity and supposed sinus discomfort I've been experiencing have actually been symptoms of an abcess. How evil is that! I've done one of these already, and, really, once is enough, especially since I'm so good with the flossing, the brushing, the regular visits to the dentist. Anyway, now I'm waiting for the consult with the endodontist who's going to do my root canal, and I'm crossing my fingers that there's a chance they can get everything done before my departure date of May 21st. I got fitted into a cancellation this afternoon (and then had to cancel on my Physio appointment!), and I'm crossing my fingers. Maybe you could cross yours too?

Pretty garden pictures can provide an antidote, though. The top photo shows, left to right, the Viburnum davidii coming into bloom, the ribes sanguineum (flowering red currant) the Erysimum 'Bowles Mauve' to the right of the birdhouse (no, they don't nest in it at that height -- it's inherited from the site and just decorative at this point) and then a hellebore.

Here are some allium getting ready to bloom. If only we could get a bit of sun to coax them out.


  1. Great Photos! I love all the colours in the top one. And the green in the following picture is really nice.

    Fingers crossed.

  2. Good luck with the root canal. I had my first one about a year ago, and it turned out to be not at all as bad as I'd been led to believe.

    Beautiful garden shots as always. Glad to see the snow didn't kill off everything.

  3. Your garden looks very pretty. So far, all that's bloomed is one cactus. Pretty though, so I'll have to post it on the blog soon.

  4. Ooh, I hope the timing works out - I'll be looking forward to your reports of Paris and your visit to Aimee's tea house. We had hoped to go for a few days in September when the kids are on a field trip, but since we wouldn't be staying over a Saturday, the flights are horrendously expensive. Good luck with the root canal! Patricia

  5. you definitely seem to have inherited moms' eye for arranging a beautiful garden. The flowering red currant is such a wonderful colour nice so early in the season. I'm saying a prayer to
    Saint Apollonia (patron saint of toothaches) for you. hope it helps..

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  7. Hope you get that taken care of. An endodontist is the way to go. More expensive, but they'll get you in and out. I used to work in an endo office and my dad was a dentist. I think I"m a bad patient now because I know too much!

  8. Thanks for all the good wishes and encouragement, and, above all, the finger-crossing and St. Appolonia-praying. Seems to have paid off as my next post explains.
    Nancy: I'll look for your cactus bloom on your blog.
    Patricia: too bad about the changed September plans, but still, time alone with hubby in Budapest -- there are probably a few things you'll be able to enjoy that you couldn't as well with kids. Lots of discoveries to be made there, I'm sure.
    Pseu: You're right,root canals are not really so bad, but I'm still glad to have dodged the bullet this time!
    And Polly: thanks for the encouragement from someone with some knowledge -- I'm really glad I paid for the consult and feel as if what I was told is the real thing!


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