Monday, April 21, 2008

My new knIT Bag

I made the mistake of stopping by my LYS (local yarn shop for you non-knitters) on the way to the Vanc'r ferry on Friday, even though I am committed to using up stash for now. My reason was simple: I'm trying to get a visit with the owner's new baby before she's no longer so new. Sadly, I'd just missed her. But I didn't miss this. It's in "vegan leather"; it's by Namaste; and while I'm not the clutch type, I think it works well for popping in my bigger purse to keep my knitting organized and away from ink or snagging.Besides being bright and cheery, look how cleverly designed it is
One set of clasps closes a pouch with slots for credit cards, cell phone holder, change purse, etc. while a similar pouch closed by another set of clasps has room for a reasonable-sized project -- a hat, socks, probably even a sweater piece up to halfway or so, depending on the yarn weight. And if you close that pouch that's open in the photo above, you'd see that the centre of the bag has slots for whatever other size needles you might need. Inside the knitting pouch, there are also slots for holding a measuring tape, stitch markers, and other small helpers.

I'm not sure if this is the bag I'd get if I'd been doing a concerted, discriminating search for the best knitting-organizing grab-and-go purse, but it was the last one they had in the store, and they weren't going to be able to get more, so I decided I really needed it. So far, I'm pleased with how it's worked out while I was knitting on the ferry, and I think I'll continue to find it useful and practical.

And what was I knitting on the ferry? No pictures yet, but I'm almost finished another Le Slouch
(pdf link) -- this one's for Jennifer, our favourite hotelier-in-Paris, who requested one after seeing others in earlier posts. I'm stash-busting for it, using up some great mohair from a sweater I finished a few years back (I'd say I always buy way too much per project, being an overly cautious type, but I'm going to be very, very close on the Dollar-and-a-Half).

Report on the weekend's activities coming soon. Now I'd better pack up and get out to Horseshoe Bay to catch a ferry!


  1. Amazing...a purse that carries knitting supplies.

    I'm looking for something to keep sewing "notions" in, which I refuse to call "notions." If you want more men to sew come up with a better word.

    For example - stuff.

  2. Thomas: I take it there won't be a "sewing basket" in your immediate future.
    Reminds me of the Christmas Paterfamilias got a Wooden Men's Jewelry Box from his parents. A good place to put all his wooden jewelry OR a good place for a wooden man to put his jewelry. And Pater is very low on the jewelry anyway. It's become a catch-all, mainly for change, but if something small gets lost, we always suggest looking in the Wooden Men's Jewelry Box. (Hey, maybe you'd like it for your sewing notions)
    I do wonder what Jared at Brooklyn Tweed or Franklin at The Panopticon, manly knitters the both of them, use for knitting paraphernalia or accoutrements or accessories or . . . stuff.


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