Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Blooming Easter!

These small species tulips (sorry, I seem to have misplaced any identifying info about them) are blooming just in time for Easter -- rather a feat considering how early it's come this year. The garden's still scruffy in the background, where some of the grasses have not yet shown much of their new growth, but I thought they were still worth sharing.

And here's a wee clump of daffodils as well -- the plan was for them to bloom above that nest of forget-me-nots at their feet, but so far the forget-me-nots aren't cooperating. The two do generally bloom at once, though, so I'm hoping a good sunny day might set things right. And here's one more look at the daphne mezereum. Wish you could smell this while you're looking at it -- truly a delightful fragrance.
Hope you have a Happy Easter day and maybe even a chocolate bunny or two.


  1. I love the smell of Daphne,bizarrely I have an Aunt by the same name.

  2. Happy Easter,
    It's nice too see the beginnings of
    spring. My forget me nots are blooming so there's still hope. The tulips are lovely.

  3. And a happy bloomin' Easter to you.


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