Tuesday, February 5, 2008

winter skies

I woke up still miserable with a cold, but today's class couldn't be missed -- the two snow days we've had this term have fallen on Tuesday, so we're already pressed to stay on schedule. As I struggled out of bed, the wind howled, as it had all night, and the huge firs and cedars nearby swung wildly about. The pelting rain soaked me quite through on my short, muddy bike road to the ferry.
But the greater challenge was making my way down the ramp and across the dock. The various sections were taking full advantage of the connecting chains and ropes to part company depending on which way the southwesterly winds were shoving them. Already shaky from whatever bug I've got, my legs wobbled their way carefully over the dock, nervously navigating the breaks from one section to the next, until I got to the ferry, away from its usual mooring to sit in the lee of the pub. I'm always confident in the ferry, small though it is, because we have very competent captains and the boats themselves are apparently converted life vessels. It wasn't a comfortable ride today -- I kept my eyes fastened on the dancing horizon to reassure my equilibrium and ward off seasickness -- but we cut across the waves at a decent angle and arrived at the other side in one piece. I was a bit nervous about whether the boat would be running later in the afternoon, given the forecast, but I cut my class just a bit short, caught the 1:10 ferry and was back home before two with lots of time to nurse and feel sorry for myself.
And then along came this wonderful rainbow! I'm not sure any promises are being made here that I can believe, but at least it hung around for close to thirty minutes, and it's hard to feel grumpy and depressed with a rainbow in the sky.

Then just as I finished writing that last sentence, I turned to look over my left shoulder and this is what I saw through the window and jumped up to photograph for you. Stunning, isn't it!

So yes, I'll admit there is beauty in wintry weather, and I'm going to add to it momentarily by pouring myself a wee finger or two of a pleasant single malt, Bowmore I think it'll be tonight, nothing as high-falutin' as some of my commenters have been drinking, but satisfying just the same. I'll have a sip for you, shall I? And Thomas, some of those oaties, please? (if you readers are curious, you'll just have to read comments for the last post.)


  1. That really sounds miserable! Glad you didn't have to be out all day long. That's an incredible picture!

  2. Nothing like a nice single malt to keep the buggies at bay. :-)

    Lovely pics. Winter travel over water is often a bit nerve-wracking. Glad you made it in one piece and didn't get stranded!

  3. Even tonight's impending whisky gorge-fest cannot brighten my mood - this weather is ridiculous. Cold and wet, I sit at work with my head somewhere in Phoenix or Tahiti.

    And if you send me a mailing address a packet of oaties will magically wing their way to you.

  4. Deja, Jillian: Thanks.
    And Thomas: Yes, please, thanks, how-brazen-of-me-to-ask and I-was-only-kidding, but, yes, please, thanks. And do enjoy your gorge-fest!

  5. I thought the rainbow and then
    beautiful sunset fit well with your
    #10 hindsight considering your start to the day


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