Monday, February 11, 2008

weather report

(translates as Shit! It's Raining -- in case your high school French didn't get that far)

My daughter brought this back from Montreal for me last year; it says it all!
But I have a few antidotes for the poisonous winter rains: I'll show you one tomorrow.


  1. Love the umbrella. How do you say, "merde, it is snowing?" ;-)

  2. Oh, I want one! Except that here in LA we're usually grateful for whatever rain we get.

  3. Pseu, La Belette: Nice reminders here about different perspectives on the weather.

  4. Bien sur, sacre merde il pleut. Il pleut commes les chats et chiens.

    I am so ready for spring. But a crisp, bright spring that facilitates cold nose kisses.

  5. Bien dit, monsieur Thomas, vous avez raison. Do cold nose kisses feature in your Valentine's song?


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