Thursday, February 28, 2008


I took these photos a few days ago. As you can see, while it was brilliant here, blue skies and sunshine, a thick band of fog seemed to be keeping the sunshine from reaching Vancouver. In fact, it seemed to be obscuring the Sunshine Coast as well.
You might even accuse me of schadenfreude, so apparent was my glee in observing how particular our good weather was to us. Well, I'm heading over there today, for the weekend, so we'll see if I'm repaid for any such pettiness.

Besides fog, on the horizon 'round here there's an almost-ready, photo-heavy post about what's happening in my garden. And I'm going to be thinking a bit more about "having, wanting, and shopping" for clothes (and theory may be put into practice) and posting about that as well. Meanwhile, enjoy your oaties and Scotch, and perhaps even the kindness of strangers.


  1. Beautiful longing to see the sea! It's nice to have the Seine here, but as you know, it's not a gorgeous blue colour and is surrounded by a bustling city. A little peace and quiet along the Pacific Ocean would be welcome about now. Am looking forward to May, but sad I'll be on the West Coast when you're in Paris.

  2. One of these years we'll both be on the West Coast or in Paris together and enjoy coffee or a glass of wine or even a lovely meal together -- I look forward to that visit (we've been trying to get to Paris every spring -- 4 years now, and I'll cross my fingers it will happen again).


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