Saturday, January 5, 2008

What I wore last night

Had to spend a few hours at the office yesterday afternoon photocopying handouts for Monday's classes and then the plan was to meet Paul for dinner. I wanted something a bit "date-like" but that was okay in my office as well. This skirt is actually a bit more subdued than it appears with the flash. The underlayer is midnight blue but the beaded tulle is black, the cut is slim, straight, and to just below the knee, so until the light catches it, the skirt -- which I got several summers ago at French Connection -- is fairly conservative (well, okay, yes, it does depend how you define that term). I wore it with these Frye boots that I love so much and were worth every penny I paid for them. And those black tights you see in the photo, the tights that look like ordinary black tights? These are luxurious Wolford tights, one of two pairs that my daughter, Bronwen, spoiled me with at Christmas -- she's paid attention to my dictum that a good approach to gift-giving is to luxe up an everyday item you know your giftee uses ('course, before you spend what Wolford tights cost, you should probably be sure the person will know enough to appreciate the gesture -- and I really did!) And since my plain, long black turtleneck needed brightening, I wore this necklace I bought a few years ago from a colleague who makes and sells jewelry to raise money for a student scholarship fund.
Oh, and we had a lovely meal, and my husband appreciated the dressing-up!


  1. Oh life does not get much better than Wolford, although my mother got Falke this year which are equally sublime. Its good to dress up sometimes the skirt looks great with the necklace.

  2. Oh you have yet to see my black Wolford seamed hose bought several years ago but still going strong: the seam a sparkling silver cardiogram running up both legs. Luxe up the small stuff: my motto for mail away gifts in particular.

  3. anonymous (Isabelle?): cardiogram, eh? that'll get the heart racing as it runs up the legs. And no, I haven't seen those but it's good to know the Wolfords have great longevity.
    Bronwen: thanks again, sweetie
    Alison: not sure we have Falke here, thanks re the combo -- looking forward to your "what I wore" resuming

  4. Your daughter desires a medal or a crown -- Wolford. I love the outfit -- so gorgeous and festive! The perfect treat after time at the office.


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