Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Working in my PJs

well, I might be waiting apprehensively for my writing to show up elsewhere in the blogosphere and I might have a huge stack of exams to mark, but I am doing those things in the comforts of my own home and have dressed accordingly. I've been very much enjoying IndigoAlison's "Today I Wore" features, and I thought I'd pay her homage by stealing her idea.

Today I'm wearing my wonderfully comfortable sheepskin, hand-beaded, First Nations-made moccasins
with my BedHead cotton flannelette pyjamas. Pricier than your average pjs, these are made from a cotton that washes and washes and gets better and softer, with nary a button falling off or a seam unravelling.Look at the great detailing -- contrast piping, a handy little pocket, also piped, and piping at the cuffs
My husband surprised me with my first pair of these a couple of Christmasses ago (gotta love the women he works with who tell him he can't go wrong shopping for me at HoltRenfrew!). Then in the post-Christmas sales last January, Scarlet had these on for a ridiculously reasonable price and I scooped up a few pair. If you have anyone you want to spoil this Christmas OR if you want to be spoiled yourself, check out the BedHead website. (Not sure that Scarlet carries them anymore, and haven't checked the new Holt's for these, but I've heard that Hill's of Kerrisdale stocks Bedhead).

This morning, I grabbed a fleece blanket to wrap around me and my jammies and I went out on the deck with my cup of tea to watch this

turn to this

and then to this

All of which goes a long way toward making me more tolerant of student exams.

Now, 'fess up -- does anyone else out there do pyjama days? No cheating, all-day-in-the-pyjama days?


  1. Um yes, I do. Typically on weekends, when I get up late and putter about. I usually wear a light fleece cardigan, tank top, and pajama bottoms only, although I used to have a set that I made and wore to shreds. I make the pajama bottms I wear now too, from either flannel or cotton.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Nancy, and for 'fessing up -- I checked out your blog, and it seems to me you could make some gorgeous pjs from that beautiful Anna Sui you've just acquired -- yum!

  3. Thanks! I could be tempted...

    Oh, forgot to mention how much I love your pj's. The print is charming and the piping is such a nice touch. The perfect ensemble for a winter day marking papers--you should at least be warm and toasty while working at such a task.

  4. Karumba, If I wore those in bed I would COMBUST! I burn up in the night so badly, even Leyla wont come near me in the night. (DO NOT mention the M word)Love the homage though tres flattered.


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