Wednesday, December 5, 2007

several happy things and a bit of too-bad

I have a few things to show you.

First, although I said last week that I wasn't going to hold myself to Wednesday shoe-blogging anymore, I think you'll agree that being caught in Vancouver during a snowfall that happened to coincide with a boot sale at B2 is a sign. As perhaps was the visit of Orcas to my home while I happened to be away. Surely all were saying, "Buy boots, buy boots." Whatever. I certainly couldn't get around in the snow with the 2-inch heels on my Fryes, however practical they generally are. Okay, enough justification. Here are the boots :

These are Uggs, which usually I think are just too silly for our West Coast rainy climate. In this leather incarnation, though, they work quite well, and will be great for snowy days. The footbed is so comfy, especially since that sheepskin lining cuddles my foot while I'm walking -- a little bit of love for grey, cold days.

I also bought these -- hey, it was a good sale! These are by Replay, are supposedly waterproof, although I'm a bit skeptical, but they're great to walk in and look cute with skirts, leggings, and rolled-up or skinny jeans. Second, some knitting projects have been completed. You already saw the scarf I finished for Megan, made from Koigu's PPPM -- sock yarn, damn it, sock yarn she wanted me to make a scarf in! What you didn't see yet were the Serpentine mitts I made her to match. I finished knitting these while we were visiting and finished weaving the ends in just before I ran to catch the bus to the ferry, so I never got to see her wearing them, but she's since worn them and claims to love them. Here they are on my hands -- should have got Paul to zoom in a bit so you could see the serpentine cables.

And here's the scarf again, worn backwards to keep it out of the food (Meg's cooking!)Next, I thought I'd show you what happened to the Stanley Park Seawall on Sunday, after I ran it on Saturday, in case you didn't catch this on the news. This photo is from the CBC website:I'm glad I ran this the last two weekends and hope they don't have too much trouble repairing it--it's an amazing recreational resource to have so close to the downtown core.

Finally, want to see a really cute baby wearing the Tulip Cardigan I showed you in the summer? The recipient of this gift, a lovely little girl named Alison, has a mom who's thoughtful enough to have dressed her in my sweater within a week of receiving it and taking her in to show around the office so that at least my husband got to see baby and sweater together -- and then she was thoughtful enough to photograph her and send these shots to me. The last one's a bit fuzzy from all the smile action -- I think the sequence would make a great little flip book!

There now, didn't I bring you a little joy?


  1. A baby snow-angel! She's a doll! A bit younger than my boys, who will be 14 months on Friday and are drooling on everything because their teeth are coming in. Poor booties. (I call them booties, somehow derived from buddies, sometimes.)

    I know the scarf is in sock yarn (because you say so), but I think it looks great, in my muggle opinion.

    Aaaand, way to go boots!

  2. Thanks, Dana -- admiring muggles always welcome!

  3. Beautiful sweater and what an adorable baby!

    The Ugg boots are also surprisingly cute. Having seen the "traditional" ones worn by the Sweet Young (and not so young) Things in the middle of summer with sundresses, I've been turned off to anything Ugg. But yours have forced me to reconsider my position.

  4. So glad the wall didn't end up like that on Saturday while you ran it. And glad I weathered that storm in warm and dry northern California where we're just now getting rain.

    I just ordered two sweaters' worth of sock yarn. Think I'll regret it? I want to try to knit the kind of sweaters I actually wear.

  5. Deja: I had the same reservations, but am really liking these Uggs -- they're something like my Blundstones, but more comfy.
    Karenjo: Have you seen the new Knitty? There's a great tunic-y sweater knit from sock yarn (Trekking, I think) -- the designer's incorporated a lace stitch but leaves it unblocked for a neat look with lots of give, fit-wise. I'm seriously tempted!

  6. That baby - and that sweater - are truly adorable!

  7. this is an oooh ahhh post. The boots oooohh the gloves & scarf ooohh, the seawall ahhhh and the baby oooohh ooooohh.

  8. Thanks Paris,
    and Hil, exactly! some happys and a too-bad, ooohs and an ahhh!


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