Wednesday, December 12, 2007

my cameo appearance!

My guest post over at The Sunday Best is up and I'm quite pleased to see what materfamilias looks like in another setting. If you're curious to know my advice on dressing your guy (or yourself, if you're a male reader), then head on over and check it out -- look around Thomas's blog while you're there -- well worth the trip.
(Still in my pj's, by the way. When I commit to a project . . .)


  1. cool!
    I commented over there too.
    I love looking at all of dads beautiful shirts and ties.
    I can't wait for you to start helping me with Robert. the touque is an awesome start.
    you're great

  2. F,
    I had no idea you had a shoe fetish, although i think that i had heard rumours. Makes my current two pairs look so passe. Only have lived next door for 15 years!
    The morning photos are wonderful - guess i need to get up earlier in the winter to appreciate the sunrise. thanks for them.

  3. Now, now, now, neighbour -- isn't the word "fetish" a little, well, judgmental? ;-)
    And yes, aren't we lucky with our sunrises (if only they weren't taking place so late -- can't wait for Solstice and the swing back to daylight!)

  4. congrats mom! I had no idea so much (of your) thought went into dad's wardrobe... but it kinda makes sense now that I think about it.

  5. mommy, I am closing the doors to the general public, tooo risky! but if you want, I can easily send invites to anybody you think would be interested!

  6. Bronwen: are you kidding me?! what do you think he'd wear on his own? (mind you, by now, I think he's got a solid formula to work with, but would he ever update, now that's a question!)
    and girlcook: sweetie (and what's with the mommy -- some regression happening with the day's thumb trauma!) no worries, I took the link down -- way to build a buzz!

  7. well duh! yes... Mommy!!! I cut my thumb, can you come and pet my hair, make me tea, and tell me I will be all better soon :)
    yeah right!

  8. Gotcha! Wish I could do all those things for you (but secretly relieved I can't, too far away, ha ha! -- and supremely relieved I didn't have to deal with blood and gore!) -- I did at least suggest you stock up on painkillers, right? And I'm assuming you got a prescription for antibiotics or that you're at least piling on the Polysporin.


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