Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Shoes for Visitors, Shoes for Comfort, Shoes for Attitude

You'd never know it from my empty comments box in the post below, but it's been non-stop visitors around here today, as readers following the conversation about "mutton dressed as lamb" click on a link from The Thoughtful Dresser's post to see what I have to say about the topic. As I said months ago, after being mentioned on MimKnits for completing a shawl she'd designed (the beautiful Icarus), I absolutely understand this reluctance to comment, having once been a committed lurker. Still, to explain what it feels like from my perspective, I'll quote myself to you from that earlier post: It "feels a bit odd. It's a bit like sitting in my office, hearing crowds of visitors file through my living room, looking around, nodding, commenting perhaps to each other, but leaving without ever popping their head through my office door to say 'hello.' Plus I can't help feeling that if I'd known they were all coming, I'd have cleaned up a bit, maybe baked some cookies -- or at least had a livelier post. . . . Still, most of them only went in the one room, the one with the Icarus photo. I hope a few enjoy what you see and come back for a longer visit another day. I make a mean blackberry pie . . ."
Now, knowing that many fashion-focused folks are checking out my place, I can't help but be self-conscious about this week's tribute to that wonderful Manolo tradition, Whose Shoes Wednesday. Regular readers will know that I've been posting My Shoes Wednesday for some weeks now -- links to past posts are collected in the column on the right. The shoes I chose and photographed earlier this week to be ready for today, now seem -- in light of the recent discussion about women of a certain age resisting constraints on their dress -- woefully tame, much more "mutton" than "lamb," to perpetuate that horrid term. Or, au contraire, would I be accused of wearing something too girl-ish?

What I know about these shoes, at any rate, is that Kenneth Cole is a genius for comfort and good looks. I find these every bit as comfortable as a flat shoe with the added advantage of sass that any heel gives me (it's all the years I've spent below 5'4 -- it marks you!) and I turn to these when I've had one day too many in higher heels or squishier toes yet can't quite turn to the orthopaedics yet (one day, I'll show you my MAGs, supposedly hip, but too ortho on these feet).For my hike up to campus in the morning, I usually wear my Nike trainers (it's early enough, and small town enough, that I feel as if I can get away with that fashion faux pas). Walking back, I have to cross the busy campus, so I often eschew the trainers for fear of my students pointing fingers. Today I walked to the ferry in these -- a 35-40-minute very hilly walk -- and then once off the ferry hopped on my bike for the last kilometre. So although these shoes might look demure, they facilitate action, and thus suggest attitude in their own way, no?


  1. I have a pair of Kenneth Cole boots with the same heel - very comfy.
    My dream shoe - a pair of vintage looking Fluevogs or the Indigo by Clarks "Dutchess."

  2. Polly: These would be a great heel for a boot -- and boots just have that much more attitude, generally.
    I'm a Fluevog fan -- and the thing with those shoes is that they can transcend the trends to become vintage, I think. Don't know the "Duchess," but Indigo do seem to manage comfort without frump.

  3. I'm not much of a commenter generally, more of a lurker. But, I'm inspired by your post's start to stick my head in your office door and wave hello.

    I'm here by way of Mim's Icarus post (I'm late to the party apparently) but I'm inspired to wander beyond that page -- though it's lovely.

    See you again soon.

  4. Mater: I'm thinking you mean the real Kenneth Cole, not the cheaper Reaction line...I've not had good experiences with those in the past, so next time I need to look grown up, I must remember to splurge, I mean, invest.

    Polly: Fluevogs are amazing. I don't have any local sources that I know of, so I finally broke down and ordered a pair of F Shoe boots this summer. I'm almost embarrassed to say they're brown Cowboy Lows. But in the few times I've been able to wear them, under jeans, I've been pleased with everything about them. They don't scream "urban cowgirl poser." I think.

    Get the Indigo Duchesses! I love those! I like the cafe brown. They are exactly the kind of shoes I might look at and go "no" initially, but keep coming back to until I buy. They have class, funk, soul, timelessness, attitude, and say, "hippy, but not dippy." They could go with a tweed suit or a sweeping skirt or jeans.

    We all run so fast and crazy all day long, meeting everyone's needs. I think fashion/style provide an outlet for creativity, pleasure and entertainment in the midst of dealing with just one more need. And the right outfit, inspite of the spit up and coffee stains it may collect in the course of the day, gives you constant reassurance, a supportive and comforting touch, a whisper that says "it's ok, you can handle it and you look great."

    Which is not superficial in the slightest.

  5. amykatherine: I'm so pleased you delurked to say "hi," and hope you find enough that you'll come back for another visit. btw, did you see the latest MimKnits offering in the Knitty fall surprise? How does she keep turning them out!
    Dana: No, these ones are the cheaper Reaction, and so far, so good.

  6. Thankyou for visiting me recently and leaving such a lovely comment. I am always impressed when people know who visits who as someone who can't even underline a word to create a link I am sadly lacking in ctberspace awareness. Despite the lack of comments I like to imagine it can get busy out there, proof of this was seen recently when the mother of one of my everyday bloggers died suddenly, no less than 139 comments had been left in less than 24 hours, many confessed to being regulars but never leaving a comment so we are there if a little quiet.

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