Sunday, November 4, 2007

Knitting: A little colour, a lot of grey

Wow! Instead of me knitting some colour into a grey November day with this, as in this photo taken two days ago

some of my knitting is grey-ing down the November sunscape on my terraceLook how sharp are the shadows cast by the finished Serpentine Mitt and its partner (whose cables have begun their serpentine journey knuckleward).Clearly, there's too much sun for my photography skills, as manifested by this shot of the Reversible Rib Shawl, also nearing completion. After it's finished (maybe two more inches?) and blocked, I'll post more about my frustrations with it -- in brief, though, loving the colourway in the ball, I realized at about six inches that I dislike the spottiness of it in the long, broad, sweeping cables, but was unwilling to rip the Kid Seta.Here, muted in the shade, it does have some of the ethereal quality that I love in the pattern -- those long swoops in the fine haze of kidsilk.

While the two grey projects were ones I chose, the acid-green colour was picked out by my daughter, Megan, at my LYS, Mad About Ewe in Nanaimo, where she asked one of the helpful enablers "Do you know my mom?" and "Could you put this aside and tell her she should buy it for me?" And, of course, oh, they knew me, and were more than willing to add to my queue. It's Koigu PPM fingering which I've always intended to check out, so that's good, but the girl wants it made into a scarf -- Sweetie, learn to knit! Then you're less likely to ask someone to make a scarf out of sock yarn!! I ended up casting on 34 stitches on 4 mm needles and working a garter stitch/drop stitch pattern, so that it's making faster progress than I'd thought it might. Thank goodness, 'cause I'm really keen to finish off all my outstandings, do a bit more stash-busting, and then cast on for Dollar and a Half.


  1. Fair enough, girlcook, but readers should know (as you might) that for me that wasn't really a choice. My girl asks, she gets, no? (Well, we're holding out on handing over the points for a Europe flight, true enough!)

  2. Sockyarn for a scarf may be verging on insanity, but I have Koigu-envy nonetheless. I love working with that yarn.

    Granted, I usually make socks with it....

  3. I agree with your daughter - it is a pretty colour! :) She sounds like my daughter, although as she's on another continent at the moment, we don't have any of that speaking to store proprietors. Instead, she sends online links! :) Those greys are looking very fetching - and grey/charcoal is all the rage in Paris this winter.

  4. I've replaced an earlier comment by my daughter, girlcook, because she referred to me in it by name and I prefer to stay anonymous. Here's the deleted comment with my name blanked out:Actually mum! the conversation went like this...

    " Hi. I have a bit of a strange request"
    " I was wondering if you could put this yarn aside for my mum. She doesn't know that I am here though, so it will come as a bit of a suprise the next time that she comes in"
    " hummm, and who is your mum?"
    " ______________...ummm.. she has, like this blog.. and she kni...."
    " YES, I know __________"
    " Ok great, so you'll put it aside then, ... And let her know that I think that it would make a nice scarf for one said redheaded daughter?!"
    " Ok, when she next comes in I'll show her, and If she wants to make it then she can purchase it, if not then I'll just put it back on the shelf."

    So you see readers, its not like she didn't have a choice wether to make it or not. And besides its is such a prrreetttyyy colour!
    thanks mum


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