Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Just wishin' on My Shoes Wednesday

Sorry, but I'm just way too tired tonight to do a shoe photo-shoot. Got home later than usual after visiting my favourite hairdresser ever, Ronei. She blew it straight for me so I'm just relaxing at home, stroking my silky smooth hair which will stay that way for, oh, perhaps another 45 minutes before it soaks up any ambient moisture and turns into crazy curls again. Right now, it looks just like this, remember? (scroll down for straightened version).
But before I go veg out in front of, first an Angel DVD, and then Private Practice, I thought I could share a gorgeous shoe with you even if it's not one of mine. After all, this time of year is a good time to be making wish lists, and here's a little wish of mine:

Should anyone have my name on their list and be feeling extremely generous, check these out at Gravity Pope. They're by Cydwoq, and they're called Skate. I haven't seen much by Cydwoq that I don't like, but I haven't yet shelled out the fairly serious cash needed to buy a pair. Can't you just see how sumptuously buttery that leather is. Love the heel, love the toe, love the tab detail at the back.

So there you go -- a wishful My Shoes Wednesday, it is.


  1. Umeboshi on Main has some lovely Cydwoq flats on sale right now. I *might* have purchased a pair of bronze metallic flats. Totally justifiable, as Cydwoqs are really well made and comfortable. Just call me shoe enabler...

  2. I've never owned Cydwoqs so I'll take your word for the comfort -- I don't need a lot of enabling, but have so far resisted buying these. Hmmmmm. . . .

  3. Yes, although flat they have some decent arch support, though I wouldn't describe them as soft. They have a steel shank in the sole that apparently helps them conform to your individual foot.


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