Friday, November 16, 2007

Dressing to Please Ourselves, Part II -- daughter and granny!

As a follow-up or complement to my previous post on Dressing to Please Ourselves, I thought I'd show you two examples of what that might look like across the generations. That's my mom on the left; at 76, she rarely looks at style/fashion magazines, but is obviously observant. She has almost a reverence for classic couture labels (she actually made and framed a very effective collage of garment labels she's gleaned over years of shopping consignment shops), favouring clean lines, beautiful fabrics, and professional tailoring-level construction. She bought these very cute shoes (better pic below) new at Town Shoes in Oakridge Shopping Centre, Vancouver, but I'm pretty certain that everything else she's wearing will have been bought at consignments shops, garage/estate sales or old-style church rummage sales (do these happen anymore or has the current popularity of consigment stores done away with them?)
On the right is my oldest daughter, Bronwen (31), whose own personal style echoes many of the foundational elements of her Granny's. The labels may be different, but they both rely on simple, classic lines in flattering colours and satisfying fabrics. To me, they not only look good, but they appear to feel good in what they're wearing. Something for me, the generation in the middle, to emulate.
Here's a closeup of the shoes, a very cute Ballerina Flat by Town Shoes, in a gathered silver-metallic shantung silk look with black patent toe caps and heels -- very cute! Mom bought them new on impulse the other day, and they make items that may have been in her closet for years look very up-to-the minute.


  1. I think your mom and daughter are both very stylish!

  2. love the top photo of granny and me. I wonder what she was explaining right there?!

  3. Wow! I hope I look as lovely and stylish as your mum. What a wonderful example of not having to succumb to the fashion abyss that exists for women beyond 30.


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