Thursday, November 22, 2007

And a bit more wishing . . .

Here's part of a comment I posted on A Thoughtful Dresser this morning in response to her post justifying more than one "workhorse" coat:

I'm deliberating over a gorgeous long black Creenstone coat. I've already got a grey cashmere classic coat I got on sale at Banana Republic in January, and a fitted brown wool Mackage coat with great leather trim, and my Christmas gift last year was a silver Burberry trench, so I think, "Isn't that enough 'good' coats?" But this latest is long enough to cover those awkward outfits that hang below the hem of the others, it's warm AND water-resistant, and I think I might really need it. Plus as I was leaving the shop yesterday, the owner, an evil seductress, said she'd give me 20% off!
What you can't see from this photo (the only one I could find on the web -- I suspect the coat must be from last winter, because it's not included in Creenstone's Winter 2007 Collection) is that it has a fabulous back, flaring out from the butt (there must be a less crude way to put this, but unfortunately I can't think of it right now), not as exaggerated as a bustle, but reminiscent of. In the photo, you can barely see the row of buttons from wrist to elbow, and even more obscured are the diagonal zippers that close the front pocket, running parallel to that diagonal trim below the bust. And it's practical. I haven't got the details yet, 'cause I only had a few minutes to try it on yesterday, but one website calls it a techno coat, and the Creenstone webiste website says that the company prides itself on a balance between design and functionality.


  1. Dressy, but in nylon, not wool, right? Amazing. Get it.

    (Linda and I are shopping enablers, as is my mother, who says, "Clothes wear out. You need new ones.")

  2. It's actually a combination of wool and poly (or at least, the wool sections are 100% wool and the poly 100% as well). And consider me enabled -- deed's done!

  3. Three cheers! The countermove, in shopping enabling, is to purchase something oneself.


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