Wednesday, October 17, 2007

it's raining, it's pouring . . . but I've got boots!

Last week when I was too tired, too cranky for my regularly-scheduled Wednesday Shoes Post, my sister left a comment asking if that meant there'd be two pairs of shoes this week. Well, Hilary's gone off to London, England (after finishing the Victoria Marathon with a time that qualifies her to run Boston next year), so I don't think she'll be checking on me. But I thought I could show you two pairs, although they might not be quite what you're expecting. Very fitting to the weather, though, as you'll see.
When we lived in Prince Rupert, years ago, people used to joke about being able to tell us by our webbed feet. Here, now, on our little island, we like to be identified by our Healy Hansons (or clones) blue-and-yellow boat boots. Here are mine, good for getting into the kayak in the winter or just throwing on at the back door when I head out to dump the compost.

It really rains around here -- they don't jokingly call it the Wet Coast (properly, of course, the West Coast) for nothing. We don't keep a car on the island, so there's always a kilometre of biking or walking along a muddy (unpaved) road to get to the boat. Once the rains start, I usually pack the (dressier) boots or shoes I'm going to wear at work, and I do my trudging through puddles in something indestructible. Since I got tired of always wearing gumboots, a few years ago I splurged on something a bit more fun. These are wide enough that I can tuck my jeans into them so that I don't have to work all day with wet cuffs. Remember that I work at a university-college so I can get away with more casual attire -- I've been known to wear these with tights and a jean skirt. Not so much, though, since a student told me he liked my "Barbie boots"!Do you remember how much fun it used to be to stomp in puddles when you were little? I remember getting home from school and pulling off those horrid old-style boots that fit over top of the shoes, awful to get on and off -- we'd have splashed enough on the way home that our socks and shoes were wet inside the boots, and my mom would be upset with us for adding to her laundry woes. I also remember taking my kids out for rainy day walks when they were preschoolers -- no surer way to entertain a little person, really, than letting her splash in a puddle and find worms. Well, I try to be discreet about it, but I have to tell you, there's still fun to be found in a good puddle stomp if you're wearing high enough, waterproof boots -- Don't take my word for it; there's probably a puddle nearby!


  1. I love rainboots... I have my eye on a pair of tretorn boots ( for this winter (the green Plask W style with the wedge) but now there's an entire store on west 4th that sells just rain boots so I might have to re-evaluate (

  2. I love the gumboots, I always have, but yours especially have been the subject of my envy!! I thought the wetskins were the best a boot could get... and then when I saw your gumboots with a funky pattern and a touch of pink I desperately wanted a pair! I managed to get myself a pair of knee high wetskins from Value Village, but I still dream of the latter. I just keep telling myself if I had them already then I would have nothing to hope for! I think all good things come in time, even the perfect westcoast gumboot!

  3. Bronwen, I love those Tretorns, and I'll have to check out the new 4th Avenue Shop.
    Caitlin, since you're the ultimate gumboot fan, you'll want to check that website out for sure. Good for you scoring the Wetskins -- you're such a good shopper!

  4. I appreciate the 2!! I love rain boots. I bought a pair of Meryls before we left that are sturdy and cute. My favorites are my traditional gumboots which I call my dog walking boots.


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