Monday, September 10, 2007

Wearing my Icarus

I've just posted to my first Knitalong, a blog devoted to knitting the Icarus shawl designed by Miriam Felton and published in Interweave Knits, Summer 2006. Ideally, a knitter would post several times to a KAL blog, as he or she progressed through the project, but there was a delay between my inquiry and the invitation to join the blog, so that by the time I got the invitation, I was finished the shawl. Because it was my first KAL ever, I decided to go ahead and post the whole adventure at once, from beginning winding the yarn for Icarus on July 12th through to blocking it last Friday. And, ta-da, here it is in all its unblocked glory

Here's a closer view so you can see the "feathers" -- sorry this is less focussed than it could be.a close-up shot of the shawl's "tail" pointAnd here are some shots of me trying out how I'll wear the shawl -- I'm most likely to wear it as a scarf, probably often with the tail part of the triangle in front, perhaps asymetrically. It's light enough to easily tuck under a coat collar so I think it's going to be really versatile and get a lot of wear. I don't wear much red, but I love this shade as an accent to an otherwise fairly neutral palette.

I had to include one shot to let you see the design stretched out more clearly, the second photo from the bottom--my daughter took this just before we headed out to our little island pub for dinner. Not a great shot, but you get the idea. And no, I didn't wear the shawl there -- it was 28 degrees here today (Celsius, of course!)


  1. Whoa, that was fast -- I only just posted!
    It's pretty, isn't it!

  2. the shawl turned out beautifully.
    just wanted to drop the hint that I am the type of person who wears gifts for a long time. I still have and do wear 4 sweaters mom made for me, one of them from grade 9!! just thought I'd mention that.

  3. mom you look like a model in one of those knitting magazines!

    hilary - I'm impressed you're still wearing sweaters from high school. (also, nice effort. Mom is a pretty easy mark so I'd say you have a good chance at getting something knit for you ;)

  4. thanks, Bronwen! But I guess there's a big difference between a Knitting Magazine model and one in Elle or InStyle!
    Hilary, Bronwen's right, I'm a pretty easy mark, so the hint is duly noted -- which are the high school knits? would I remember any?

  5. It's beautiful! And a lovely color on you!

  6. Gorgeous! That shawl nearly inspires me to knit one of my own--it's so lovely and intricate, I can just imagine the pleasure it will give you while you wear it: in the midst of anything, you can simply glance down at your shoulder and have a bit of handmade beauty immediately available.

    I sometimes feel almost naughty when I wear my handknit socks (a feeling akin to wearing pretty lingerie to work). Although handknit items aren't necessarily, um, sexy, they certainly can be a private pleasure and luscious luxury.

    Nice bookshelves, too.


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