Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It's Wednesday--There Must be Shoes

This will have to be quick as I'm writing at 6:18 and I have to have some breakfast before I leave the house at 6:50 to catch the ferry! But I wanted to get my Wednesday Shoes posted for you to check out. I didn't even take time to check out Manolo's Whose Shoes, but you should.

I have to admit that I'm becoming a bit impatient for some more "serious" shoes and for a chance to wear my new boots. But it's really warm and sunny 'round here, and who's going to complain about a little more summer (especially here where we head into months and months of rain after this). So one more pair of fun lightweights. I spotted these in my favourite local shop two days before I was heading to Paris last May and I have to tell you, I really paused at the idea of buying shoes in our small town while I had that shoe mecca in front of me. But I love the colour and the toes and the texture of the leather and they promised to be really comfy, so I went back the next day (wise enough to take a pause in between) and bought them, and I haven't regretted it. ADDED LATER: They're made by an Italian company, KhrioIf I weren't aware of my predilection for pointed toes and for handstitching on shoes before I started posting this series, I get it now. Anyway, I'd better find a pair of shoes right now and get out the door -- I'm walking up the hill to work today, so they have to be comfy ones, but they still have to make me smile. Hope you have a good day in yours.


  1. Ooh, love those! Are they Fluevogs too?

  2. No, these are by an Italian company named Khrio -- they have an online presence, but it's a confusing website at
    I should have identified them as such in the post -- I'll add that now.


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