Wednesday, August 15, 2007

rocking the dangerous wildlife here! and anniversary greetings!

Okay, first it was a surprise wasps' nest. Then I found this on the beach when I paddled home the other morning.
It's really quite beautiful, isn't it? Here's a closer look:And then here it is with my kayak paddle and sunglasses for scale. I did a little bit of research and found out that it's called a Cyanea capillata. Its common name is the Lion's Mane jellyfish, and it has a bit of a reputation for stinging -- nothing fatal, just nasty soreness. They grow much bigger in more northerly waters and don't do well much further south than Washington, possibly Oregon. Just as well I resisted my impulse to help this guy back into the water 'cause apparently late summer brings them to the end of their one-year life cycle and they regularly finish up on the beach. I'd just passed one of his buddies still swimming in our little bay. Makes me feel less like going in there, I have to say!

And now can you see why the Louboutin heels might not be too practical around here -- although maybe they'd scare the stingers away!

Thanks, by the way, to all who participated in my poll on environmental action. Looks as if we're all trying to do what we can --four readers have given up their cars completely, and as many of us are trying to drive less. Folks are trying to cut down on household waste, and I'm surprised how many (60%) are trying to eat more locally grown food while 10% are trying to stick to the 100-mile diet. Small steps, people, small steps -- good for you!

You know how much I understand that so many of you don't leave comments, having been a longtime lurker myself. But you also know how much I crave those comments and appreciate them when I get them -- so great to get feedback. So I was really tickled yesterday when Un Femme d'Un Certain Age not only dropped by here after I'd commented on her site, but commented on not one, but two posts, AND added me to her blogroll! If, like me, you're also a "certain age" but don't yet consider yourself beyond fashion (despite what many retailers seem to think), check her out -- her site's pretty lively!

A big Happy Anniversary to Bronwen and Adam--may you continue to fly through life together for many years!


  1. Thanks for the shout out and the nice comments over my way.

    My in-laws live next to a marina in Long Beach, and this time of year the one end is filled with jellyfish. A few years back, on my first visit to the Monterey Aquarium, they had jellyfish display where the different varieties were displayed lit with blacklight. Some of them were breakthtakingly gorgeous. But I still wouldn't want to swim with them either!

  2. I've heard so much about that Aquarium -- one of these years I'll have to head south and check it out.

  3. thanks for the anniversary wishes mom... we are just home from dinner at Crave on Main and are about to dress up in wedding clothes and take photos, as is our wont on anniversaries!

    we were at the monterey aquarium last year on our trip to san francisco and *loved* the jellyfish exhibits. they were so beautiful, hypnotic, probably the best part of the aquarium. you should for sure go some time soon.


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