Wednesday, August 22, 2007

my girl and her guy

I'm having a great time with my daughter this visit, especially the first day when she was accompanied by her new fella. After all, who could resist this kind of wild-and-crazy fun -- two fools who dressed up in Helly-Hansons and gumboots and retro fishing caps to wash our Golden Retriever, Skeena. Skeena'd had a great day in the water after realizing that the meter-reader had left the side gate open just enough for her to escape -- a great way for her to get some exercise (she's pretty sore and stiff this morning!) but does she smell! So, a little shampoo was in order and hence the cute outfits. First, a little preparation is necessary -- you put the lime in the Corona and you drink it all up . . .

and then it's all about the smelly wet dogWell, yes, they did eventually put the Coronas down, honest! (Although I must say I've booked Skeena a grooming appointment for Friday -- time for the real thing, an annual event at best since it's such an endeavour to get her off island)

After they'd swum with the jellyfish, thrown sticks forever, and washed said dog, they let me cook for them. I say this sincerely since they both cook for a living and could no doubt have done a much more efficient job. Just for their visit, I bought a gorgeous Emile Henry tagine to serve 6 and I made Moroccan lamb shanks. Instead of lamb shanks, though, I grabbed some shank portions that Thrifty's had marked $5.00 off and got Megan to butcher them for me. She browned them off while I fried the onions, carrots, and garlic, added cumin, coriander, allspice, nutmeg, cinnamon, chili paste, tomato paste, finally added the lamb and deglazed that pan with some red wine, added a can of tomatoes to the whole thing and threw it all in the oven. Two and a half hours later, we had a fine-tasting tagine to serve with the couscous I made (with almonds, currants, and shallots). Meanwhile, I'd made a blackberry pie with berries I'd picked after my run that morning--a productive day except that all the production was consumed! (Well, not completely, we have some leftovers in the fridge and pantry if you want to stop by -- lots of pie and ice cream left!)

Yesterday they got up early to catch the 7 a.m. ferry so he could catch his 8:20 flight back to Vancouver. We spent the rest of the day taking it easy -- she played with my hair, showing me how to put it up using hair bands and bobby pins for a new look which I might even try on my own. Having daughters is great for that little push to try something different. Today, I have to go to town for a department meeting (it's all starting again, groan!) and then a hair appointment in the afternoon. When I get back, apparently a meal of homemade ravioli will be waiting for me as well as a visit with a very cute wee person (Megan's friend, Caitlin, is coming over with baby Ava whom you saw before in the sweater I knit her. Plus unless things go apeshit at my husband's office, he'll be home tonight to get started on a long weekend -- it's our anniversary tomorrow!


  1. Come on!,They were only Coronitas... The small size!
    Besides, wouldn't you need some encouragement If you were faced with a dog that had "dreadlocks" adorned with kelp and other oceanic goodies?!
    As for the clothing.... Gumboots are so in style right now.
    Thanks again for the tasty dinner

  2. Just trying to catch up on your blog after being away for a week. The new Berks look comfy (nice colour). Love the red shawl and Megans boyfriend, at least what I could see from under the cap looks nice. I agree with Meagan that Corona helps when it comes to bathing the dog, wish I could have justified opening one @ 5:30 a.m. the other morning after Marley got sprayed by a skunk on her walk in the morning.

  3. Hey Hil,
    Mucho sympathy on the skunk smell. That can't be nice at all -- I'm sometimes nervous walking in the West End 'cause we'll pass them waddling down the sidewalk -- such a strange sight! I always try to get by quickly -- you can hear the dogs out for a walk going crazy barking. Taking a skunk-sprayed dog back to a small apartment would be awful!


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