Monday, July 16, 2007

ta-da! one Tulip Cardigan, properly finished this time

So last time you saw this sweater, I was frustrated that I'd have to redo part of it. But the process turned out not to be so bad after all and it really makes for a better-looking, better-fitting sweater. I loved the simple construction of this sweater -- top down in one piece with the sleeve stitches picked up and knit later. Then seed stitches border for the right and left and then the attached i-cord all around with a 6-inch free i-cord built onto an attached i-cord neck trim as the last step. The wool was good to knit with but it's even lovelier after soaking and blocking -- it's really soft with a nice springy body and it smells good -- lanolin and some very faint pleasant, clean scent (I soaked it in clear water so the scent is not from soap I added). I'm really happy with this sweater and realized on the weekend that I even have a potential recipient -- a young woman who works with my husband (he's been somewhat of a mentor for her for a few years now; we went to her wedding last year) is due in August. So if she has a little girl, I'm ready, and I have another the Rocketry Dream in Color kit that I'll start soon in case it's a boy.

Just got interrupted to go open the septic tank for the pumper truck which is making the rounds on our little island today. Since we have to pay for waiting time for the barge that the pumper comes over on, time is of the essence and everyone jumps to it when we hear the truck draw up. I was a bit anxious about it all 'cause Paul couldn't be here to help out but everything's gone smoothly and that's a nasty job crossed off the list for another five or so years. While we are on city sewer and water here, we all have a septic tank to hold "solids" and then the grey water gets pumped (each of us has to maintain separate septic pumps -- a topic for vigorous discussion at many island social gatherings, and I'm not kidding!) into the city system.

So I'm back, and, to leave you with a much happier impression of island life than that little glimpse of reality, here's a series of garden blues.
From the top: gentian sage, borage, eryngium, nigella, and lavender


  1. That is simply adorable! I think I must find a kit.

  2. Gee whiz, Frances, this is all great! The flowers, the sweaters, the view of the world, the links! I'm impressed. It's better than that Spanish woman with the similar blogname.

    You are truly a phenomenon! But... why did I not see you in swimming this evening? It really was not too cold at all. And, since summer will never come, we just have to press on whatever the temperatures, don't we?
    Yr admiring neighbour,

  3. well, girlcook, the day I get a pic of you wearing the Butterfly camisole, that's the day I might (and only might, right?) consider knitting something new for you


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