Tuesday, July 17, 2007

a petite tribute to petite

just a tidbit for now -- but do go on and read my older posts if you haven't yet. I'll post again either today or tomorrow (I'm stitching up a cardigan and sewing buttons on -- should have photos soon plus I have a great knitlit quotation for you from a book you should read)

for now, though, just wanted to say that it's the one-year anniversary of Petite Anglaise's firing, an event with cautionary implications for all bloggers with employers. If you don't already read her, take a minute to head over to her place (same link, I just really want to make sure you do what I tell you!) -- she's wry, perspicacious, sometimes a wee bit shocking, regularly side-splittingly funny, and always, honest beyond expectation. And, big bonus for Parisophiles like me, she lives in a great city, giving us a view of it from a non-tourist angle.

and since we're in paris, head over here. You'll laugh, oh, you'll laugh, especially if you've ever struggled with languages. Reminds me of David Sedaris' laugh-til-I-cry-funny Me Talk Pretty Some Day.


  1. wow, you knit more than i had realized... I'm impressed by your list of 2007 FOs (see, I'm getting the knitting-speak ;). It would be cool to link them to your flickr photos since they all have unique URLs...

  2. Yes, I'm really "outing" myself as a knitter here -- I'm not sure anyone who knows me has quite understood the depths of my addiction! (and she's my daughter, folks)
    And I would love to set up some links with my list of FO's but I'll have to do some fiddling with Blogger to do that -- so much easier if you'd come over for the day and help me out ;-)
    And yes, not surprisingly, you're a quick study on the knit-speak. Next we should get you to finish that sweater you were making for Zach, oh, about 15 years ago!


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