Tuesday, July 10, 2007

happy birthday to my girl!

So last year, on another blog which is now, sadly, defunct due to circumstances beyond my control (and believe me, I've tried with the maternal control!), this lovely and lively daughter of mine announced my birthday to the world. No precise numbers, thankfully, but when I tell you that same lovely daughter is 25 today, you'll be starting to do some math, I know. This young woman is determined and creative, competent and passionate, honest and emotional, tough enough to sous-chef any busy kitchen in any top-notch restaurant anywhere, and with a fabulous laugh that you see hinted at in the picture above. It's not the best picture of her but it reminds me that even far from home, managing completely on her own in a brand new-to-her city, she still thought of me and managed to surprise me. Her father and I continue to be impressed by her many capabilities and we love her very much. Happy birthday, Megan!

A bit of knitting content today -- un-knitting to be more precise. You see, last year, I made the silk vee from the kit pictured on the HandMaiden website. But altho' I love the texture and colour and the swishy, drapey shape of the silk on a hot day, it's just too shapeless for me and the need for a camisole beneath it takes away most of the advantages it offers in the heat. I just wasn't wearing it. So yesterday I took out my scissors and my patience and went from this to this

I've started turning it into something else, but I'll make you wait another day or so to see what that will be. It's a gift for a colleague -- the birthday dinner is tomorrow night so I've got to work fast, but I'm pleased with the whole recycling thing and it's great to be working with the gorgeous colours of this silk boucle again.

Of course, this recycling effort has slowed down progress on the baby cardigan, but I did finish off the edging and get halfway through one sleeve. To do that, though, I needed to release the 5 mm circular needles currently stuck in a hat. So I quickly finished off that project, all but weaving in the ends, and later this week I'll have yet another FO to show you.

Before I go, here's a little FO from Nature Herself. This is a flower from the Romneya coulteri 'White Cloud.' The plant was given to me by one of my favourite gardeners, no longer a neighbour of mine, sadly, but someone I think of almost every time I'm in the garden. Hi, Barb!
Island Specialty Nursery describes this as the "quintessential perennial: sumptuous white, crinkled tissue-paper flowers with yellow stamens lasting from June through fall; deer resistant; rabbit-proof; drought-resistant; excellent cut flowers." While you're thinking you need one of these immediately, I'll add their one caution: "needs exceptional drainage."


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  2. Bookmark it -- I meant every word!
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