Thursday, April 23, 2015

Inspiration -- What I Wore

Pardon me for including yet another Instagram photo. This one isn't mine, though, but rather was posted by The Lady of Style earlier this week. I commented on TLoS's post that she'd inspired me, and except for the fringed bag (I feel a little craving coming on. . . ) and the flared jeans, I had what it took to put this look together.

And so I did. Except that, as you can see, I decided to try it with a navy-white striped Tee instead.
I wore a coral-in-silver pendant for a shot of red, and I might switch over to my red bag if I weren't so
lazyloyal to my all-season, lightweight, neutral M0851.
 Of course, my outfit is missing the 70s-vibe which was the whole point of LadyofStyle's post, but I still appreciate the inspiration for an outfit I think I might wear a fair bit even in retirement. Jeans (2-year old JBrand skinnies -- are those old-school now?!) and a T (Club Monaco, recent purchase) with a blazer (J Crew, Regent, bought last fall), couldn't be much easier. Before I went out the door, these nude Vince slip-ons got swapped out for an ancient pair of leopard ballet flats that are slightly more bike-friendly.
Thanks for the inspiration, Lady of Style!

Who or what's inspired you, lately? (I see that Jennifer at A Well-Styled Life is getting ready to host a link-up about What Inspires Your (Life) Style -- think about joining her for that. Should be fun.)

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Sunrise with Heron, Shhhhhh. . . .

Borrowing from my Instagram again. Busy marking, thinking about packing, no time for writing, knew you probably didn't want any more garden pics today after Monday's Pink Post.

So a different view: Sunrise with Heron

Still . . . .

A photo posted by Frances (@frances_sprout) on
or Movement (it's a very short video, but you'll see Ms. Heron grab some breakfast)
A video posted by Frances (@frances_sprout) on

Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday, with Pink!

 Monday morning -- are you ready for some pink?
'cause, boy, do I have some pink for you. . .
 Pink bleeding heart (Dicentra formosa, native to the Pacific Northwest, so very easy-care in my garden)

 Rhododendron 'Temple Belle' a week or so ago, when the buds were just beginning to relax themselves open . . .
 their colour still intensely concentrated
 And then yesterday, with the flowers released open into the palest, prettiest pink
 I've even "borrowed" some pink, as if I don't have enough in my own garden -- I took this photo, pulling the neighbour's fabulous cherry tree into my landscape. . .
 Well, wouldn't you?
 It's carrying on the loveliest conversation with the broad-leaf maple's acid-green flowers and the burgundy leaves of the potted Japanese maple.
 More Rhodo 'Temple Belle" (I first heard this name as Temple Bells, and honestly, I still imagine these sweet washed-out pink flowers as dangling melodiously, ready to ring out a chime to match their colour . . .

 We bought the rough wooden sculpture from an island artisan many years ago.
 She was grateful to find a home for it
 and she and her partner moved away not too long after, but I think of them when I admire the way the roughness of this aged wood sets off the sweet prettiness of this floral show.
I should warn you: I was playing quite a bit with my camera this weekend, in the garden, and there may be other posts of this ilk. I also have a What I Wore post lined up and a few other ideas.  But that's later. We should be living in the moment, no? And it's Monday! Monday with Pink -- Enjoy!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Two, Three, Four, and Five Things Saturday

Back home after my city days sans Pater, continuing my unfinished Five Things from yesterday's post. Must finish marking (the last) papers (I'll ever mark!) before Monday's exam and Pater and I have a yoga class to get to, so I'll point at some photos and run. Please excuse.
2. I love urban walking, such a contrast from the dirt roads of my quiet, small island.

3. and I enjoy urban sitting as well. I'm quite happy sitting on my own with a coffee (and perhaps a buttery treat--what was on that plate? I'll never tell . . .). Thierry's sidewalk tables are perfect for people-watching and/or making plans for an upcoming sister trip to Paris.

4.there was also urban running. On my little island, routes are very limited and I run round and round the four-kilometre circumference road. In the city, I decide to visit my daughter, seven kilometres away, and off I go, neighbourhood after neighbourhood to distract me from whatever my feet are saying. I wear my hard-earned Vancouver marathon shirt.

Hmmm, I'm realizing that my days in the city were even busier than I thought; I have only one more number, but so much more I wanted to share. Let me sum up quickly before Number 5:
1. Baby-snuggling (I only pictured one, but I had great visits with all my Vancouver grandkids.
2. Urban walking (which also included a four-kilometre walk to dinner at another daughter's; my son-in-law sent me home with a load of his wonderful homemade wheat berry bread

See what I did there, snuck in an extra number
 3. Urban sitting, by myself but also for a drink with my sister to plan our upcoming Paris trip
4. Urban running (which also included an early morning run with my sister, worth getting up for, more Paris planning and just sister chat in general
And Number 5??
Well, I was in the city for four days, on my own, and I've been on a retail fast for three and a half months, and it's Spring! What do you think I might have done?
Hint: those Levi 501s might be faded, but they're new. And they're not all that came home wrapped in tissue.
So yeah, Number 5 from my week in the city might be Shopping. . . 

More later, but meanwhile, papers to mark, yoga to Shavasana, and some marvellous sunshine to garden in. Hope you're having a splendid weekend so far!
And tell me, what are your favourite things to do on a solo city break? (note that mine here are daytime activities: I've been battling insomnia, never slept past 6, crashed by 9:30p.m.!!)

Friday, April 17, 2015

five things, maybe Saturday?

 I had planned to blog a Five Things Friday after spending most of the week in the city. But as I was packing up this morning, I checked in on the newest baby, and turns out Momma could use a break. So she and Baby's Big Sister are out on a date (or an exciting trip to pick up a few groceries, depending on your perspective. 

And I'm doing this . . .
So we could count this as One Thing Friday, but Two to Five will just have to wait.

To be continued. . .


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Word-less Wednesday

 This sky. Last Saturday, just at dinnertime. Grabbed the camera. Only captured the merest hint.
 Can you spot the nascent rainbow? From my perspective, it never reached its potential, but perhaps folks looking out from the Mainland saw a full-fledged arc.

Monday, April 13, 2015

What I Wore -- My Last Teaching Day Outfits Before My Wardrobe and I Retire . . .

 I've been conscious, these last few weeks as I chose what to wear for teaching, that I won't be dressing for my lectern gigs anymore. Not that I have to dress up much for work, but I enjoy the excuse to play with outfits more than I might if I had a less obvious audience.

I suppose I will still wear this faux-leather (Zara) skirt on date nights with Pater (he's appreciative), but it's not likely to get much daytime wear from now on. . .  (worn here with J Crew merino sweater, Acne pistol boots).

 I must admit that while I get compliments when I wear this coat, I'm not often ready to live up to that much colour. I know it's flattering on me but I reach for my navy much more often (both turquoise and navy are the JCrew peacoat, both bought on sale). I do like the effect of this navy-cream-salmon scarf against the turquoise, though.
And it wouldn't be a fair representation of What I Wore if I didn't show you the backpack that is an indispensable part of my outfit as I head off on my bike, each and every day.
Of course, my hesitation over choosing this coat stems from having any colour at all on my bottom half.

These boots, for example. . . They only work (for me, that is -- I know that Melanie could go all kinds of fun, crazy, and wild with them!) if the rest of my outfit is more subdued. I've enjoyed this simple little cotton fit-and-flare Gap dress (pockets, who doesn't love pockets?!) but I may just pass it on to one of my daughters -- I'm not sure dresses will get as much rotation with my big lifestyle change, especially not ones that land this far above the knee. But we'll see. I suppose I should let retirement arrive and see what suits.

After all, dresses are so very easy to wear. Over the head, arms through the sleeves, and you're dressed.
Of course, you sometimes want to complicate, but even that is easily done by throwing on a scarf

maybe adding a jean jacket

so okay, maybe I'll be That Retired Woman Who Always Wears Dresses (except when I'm always wearing jeans. . . )

We'll just have to see, right?
Meanwhile, that's What I Wore for my last two weeks of teaching. Now what will I wear for all the marking and baby-sitting next week. I'll be spending as much time as possible in Vancouver with the granddaughter who's moving to Rome, trying to help out as her Mom and Dad go through the lists of all that must be done before they leave in a couple of weeks. Excited for them all, but I really need to store up some cuddles against an inevitable wave of Missing Them Badly that will surely hit sometime this summer.

So what do you think? Should I pack away my work wardrobe and live in my jeans? Or do you suspect I'll end up wearing the skirts and dresses more than I anticipate? Honestly, I'm curious to find out. . . .let's bring this retirement thing on! Clearly, I'm ready!

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